First off, The Saturday went well for me at the shop as I had some service work to get out of the way, before I bunged on my gear and get ready to go and make the trip down to del mar for the Flat track races, so was eager to get there.

This time I thought I would wear my New Triumph Belstaff style Jacket and am glad I did.

We left Alea’s cafe a little earlier than planned and that was great we did as we hit so much traffic, you would of theought the president was in town.

Mark Baker almost ran out of squirt, but we managed to weave our way through the traffic to get to a petrol station all gas up again and then start the lane changing and watch out for wankers in cages trying to get out quick and make some headway.


The trip took way longer than I had hoped and we had to make a direct run there as we were hoping to hit some twistiws before we got to the event, but as time did not go our way, we headed straight to Del Mar.

Me, Dietrick, James, Lewis and gerrard and some fella on a kick ass Duck all jumped on the 5 freeway and road at a good click until the traffic just backed right up after about 15 miles.

We arrived and parked our bikes, buggers charged $10 to park, $10 to get in and if you wanted a beer that was $10 a pop too.


We sat our tired Arses on the bleachers and sat and watched the event, plenty to see and a few spills made my day thats for certain.

Mark was a right ‘ LARF” as he is from back home so we had loads to chin wag about in our own Dialect.



Andre Pine, the presdent of the 59 Club San Diego joined us and was great to hang out and have a chin wag with him.

The racing was fun but needs to have a bigger Classic and Vintage section for old buggers like us to get into, but, there was some fun racing to be seen and a good time was had by all.




The lads hung out wnad watched the races and we all roared when there was a prang up and someone was sliding on their Arse.




I only had my phone so the photos aint all that but the day was fun and long and I sure needed some kip when i got home.



Fun entertainment and I think we shall try the Perris international raceway to watch some Flat tracking as its closer and we may even build a 59 Club Bike to have our members have a go so to speak.





The ride home was entertaining as the traffic had not changed at all, I think everyone that headed south decided to head North the same time as us.

Dietrick and me headed the pack and there was some pretty gnarly evasive riding to be had by us all as we belted along the freeway at speeds more than i would like to enter on here.

Keeping an eye on cars that want to jump in front of you was energy zapping and the change of temperature for me as we enetered the OC was awesome and in San diego part it was Bone chilling, but, even at that high rate of speed we all stayed in a good formation, with Mark Baker and James James Matz bringing the rear end up.


Gerard and lewis came down with us too but left about 2 hours before we did as they had other engagements, but, it was a fun time, albeit the part where i wore a new RSD Bullet helmet and had to have the visor up a little ways to stop the thing fogging, suffered 2 days of frigging agonsisin pain in my eyes as they dried out like Ghandis Jock strap, but that was my fault for not changing the lenses on my goggles from Black to Yellow.