Here we are with a really cool old Moped from 1969.  These were all the rage when I was a teenager and my first bike was a Suzuki AS50.



A great little bike with so much charisma and would look great on the road or a museum or buzzing around a track for the VJMC.

This is a hard bike to find these days, so you can appreciate the condition of this 49cc whiz bomb!

If you are into Nostalgia, then you will definatly be into this machine.

It’s time to get a few things completed in the shop and now that this runs it is looking for a new owner.

This bike runs and goes all through the gears with no worries and amazing for 46 years old.

Have a look at the photos and watch the video too as this may be something you will like?


Here she is in our workshop and if I don’t sell her, I shall simply hang her from the beams for all to see.


This little mean machine has everything on it that was on there when it was made and it still has Original candy Red and Silver paint too.



A cool step back in time and I hope if this sells, it goes to a home that will ride it.

She  fires up and idles great too.




 All the metal is good and am surprised how well this bike has been looked after for the time and this would look great even in a themed Bar!


These photos do not do the bike justice.



Here are a bunch more for you to have a long look at and make your own mind up.



Carb was cleaned and plug, air filter was cleaned and this fires up and rides, ya gotta love Suzuki for that as this is an old girl now!!!











Center stand works fine and there is fresh oil in the cases and inspected.

 This is sold as a running moped, no title but you will get a Bill of Sale no problem.


 Sits well and is fun to ride.



 All ready for a surprise Christmas gift for someone out there.  Grab it now $999 plus shipping.


File:1969 AS50 Sport red 540.jpg