HONDA 1000 SUPER HAWK 1998 $2200

Looking for s project?

How about this 98 Super hawk, that’s still registered and running, it has a Busa front end and sounds tight, might be a good ride for someone to get to and fro to work etc, but- it needs some things like a speedometer etc, but I will add a video of it running later today so you can see and hear it.

Fires right up and revs hard, I rode it all through the gears with no worries.  This has a title as i JUST got it in as a trade from Idaho, so have the title and the key and I JUST rode it.

Could make a wicked street fighter if you have the time and that is something I don’t, got it as a trade in.

Does all the usual, IE- lights the rear tire up and wheelies and am sure someone would have a blast on this.

I mean, she is a 1000cc motor and sounds pretty tight to be honest, just not what I am into as I dig the Classic Honda’s, but a great deal for someone out there that’s for certain.

Have a look and see what you think, if I don’t sell it, I will use as a pit bike or something or make some cafe pipes and change the seat.


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