Well here at C.C.R. we try and do all sorts of things and this time I wanted to show you a cool lamp we just made.

This is perfect for the Gear head in your family and am sure that they would like it in their garage, workshop or office.

I used my CB750 parts and a couple of Hot Rod parts to make this cool set up. and over 18 inches high this is a really cool look and is functional as well.


Good luck knocking it over as it weighs in at a nice and solid 30 pounds.


All made here at the shop I wanted to have that steam punk look and show that we are into mechanical things, the parts you will see are from the good Old CB750 HONDA and have used the Brake Rotor, The Clutch and basket,the gear tumbler, the gearbox and the front wheel spool, to turn this into a head turning Table lamp.

This has 2 lamps and a cord with a switch, so all you have to do is find somewhere to sit the thing, plug it in and there you go, a great shop lamp.

Have a look and see what you think, as this is a great set up and I know you will like it, plus its hand made and everything is what is in the shop.

Of course we can ship anywhere around the globe too.   Thanks for looking.


PRICE $249.00   714-996-4597