Here we are with one of my 2.5 inch baffles and now available to purchase separately for what ever you are making yourself.

This is what I use in my 4 into one systems for my cb500,cb550,cb650,cb750 sohc and dohc models, a very universal baffle.

This secures itself with a set screw and you only have to drill a small hole for the screw to fit into and that’s it.

This is of course removable and can have many uses in many machines and set ups.

Made of steel and fluted well, these is a great sounded baffle and of course, it comes with the fiberglass wadding that I personally never use as I like the crackle of the exhaust with just the bare baffle in the pipe but that choice is up to you lot.

Available now and yes, we ship around the world, so- if you have a 2.5 exhaust, then this is right up your alley.