New Hand-Made Velocity Stacks for CB750 – $300 a set, all polished!

Check out my NEW All aluminum machined finned Velocity stacks, these are my newest part that I have come up with and available for you, these will look great on any CB750 HONDA.

Just have a look as this picture will tell you all you need to know, I shall add more photos as I go along.

This is for the 1969-1976 CB750 SOHC model 39 mm stock carbs and if you want to embellish your 500 pounder easily, this is your Best bet.



These are the best on the market, I mean, just look at the quality and the finish, these really will set your bike apart from the others with a set of these stacks on your Carbs.

Below you can see the Velocity stacks in a smooth polished  finish and they look super trick.


I have tried these on early sand cast carbs and right up to 1976 CB750F round top carbs and they fit nicely.


I love both styles but the finned ones really turn my crank and I am sure they do for you and your inline Four?