A great looking scoot and all ready to just sling your leg over and go and have some fun.


If you are looking for as cool set of wheels to have fun on this summer, well this is staring you down to buy this, I think its a super ride and I would have no issues having a burn up with it on the tarmac.

Very clean and had much work done to it, that means all you do is put gas in it and hit the loud button.

I have made these photo’s as big as I can for you, that way you can have a good look and see if this is what you are looking for.




Many people as me about bikes for sale and, if I do not have up for grabs, I have no issues showing somebody elses ride to let another person out there enjoy the cafe racer scene as much as we do.


If you need any more info, check the bottom of this page as I have copied and pasted his info on this CB650 Cafe.

Gas is getting expensive, so this CB650 could be just the ticket for you, easy to start and maneuver in and out of traffic and cheap to run as well.

Plenty of photos on here for you to look around at and I know someone out there will snap this right up as the price is right for the work that has gone into this machine.




Here is the information you want to read about on this Cafe Racer.

Subject: Re: HONDA CB650 1979


I have owned this bike since 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately my conditions have changed and I cannot use this bike any longer. Instead of it collected dust and suffer from not being used regularly, I figured it was time to sell. I used this bike a lot when I did ride, at least twice a week from Orange County to Los Angeles, without any problems. And at least once a weekend for a long joy ride.


It is a beautiful and enjoyable bike. When I first got it, I was having issues with the power, it wouldn’t hold a charge. I read blogs on this particular model and found it to be the electric rotor. I replaced it in 2011 and haven’t had a problem since. It being my first bike, I did drop it a few times, but never at any kind of speed. Always in my garage. Since my owning it, I’ve had about $1,000 of maintenance work and upkeep. Replacing some wiring issues and tires as well.


The front tire, as you’ll see in the photos is cracking a little bit, but nothing horrible. The back is still very new. All lights work expect the brake light is out, and the left rear turn signal is not working correctly.


I have never been able to figure this out. The bike does leak a small amount of oil, but this isn’t something that you or a shop would have a hard time replacing. Like I said, I have dropped it, so the side is scratched. You will see this in the pictures. The gas gauge has never worked, but this is really just a wiring issue.

Nothing major. Last thing too, the choke lever doesn’t work, but I’ve never even had to use it. Really, doesn’t matter, but I should mention that. The bike is from ’79. It is older. But for an old bike, I love it. Pros:

The bike starts immediately, never an issue with its cold starts being a California bike. The speed and cruising on this bike are fabulous. The gears all shift fine, neutral is easy to get to, the tranny is great. The bike was converted to a Cafe Racer by the previous owner, and he did a fabulous job.


The paint is gorgeous, the engine clean, he did bore it out then, and the bike is just amazing. I really can’t think of anything else to put here, it is a great bike that I miss I could keep as a showpiece, but I don’t have the money or time for it. Please ask any questions. I cannot personally ship, if you want to pick up or provide your own shipping arrangements, please contact me first. You may come see the bike first, but please make appointments.


My price is very firm, I don’t want to let it go. Payment expected in full via PayPal or cash. Money order or cashiers check may be accepted under circumstances. Enjoy.

14k MILES to date
BIN: RC03213400
I do have registration and title in hand.