Here we go with a new concept and as with the price of combustable fuels these day’s, I believe this is now a viable option.

Here we have John Gustafson’s cool Electric/gas powered Cafe Racer.

Some info below is from JOHN.



GAS/ELECTRIC Cafe racer: Final specs…approx. 325 lbs. Chassis, 1978 Honda CB750K, Custom dropped suspension and modified fuel tank by ASAP Powersports of Rancho Cucamonga, Rocket 5 rear cone by Carpy’s Nostalgia Speed Shop of Anaheim, Modified 1964 VW headlight, Hensim 200cc enduro engine, total of 54hp, 147 lb-ft torque…88 volt lithium iron phosphate nano foam battery pack, 200 amp, 90 volt controller, Enertrac 602 motor, fly-by-wire dual throttle control by G&G Hybrids..Bike designed and built by John Eric Gustafson and Arnold Gregorio.
These are becoming quite a trend, here are just some others out there.
Another Electric set up is OSSA’s answer to the Cafe Racer.

With a throw-back aesthetic and a forward-thinking electric motor, the Barcelona based design firm Arc-Tic has revived theOSSA brand (of 1960′s Grand Prix racing fame) with an all-electric cafe racer concept.

The bike draws its inspiration from the iconic OSSA monocasco 250cc that Spanish racing phenom Santiago Herrero rode to multiple Grand Prix wins until his life was brutally cut short by a crash during the Isle of Man TT. The revolutionary monocascodesign used a lightweight exoskeleton instead of a traditional internal frame. While its two-stroke rotary valve engine only produced a modest 30 horse power, the reduced weight allowed Santiago to throw the bike into tighter corners and come out of them with lighting fast acceleration. Other racing teams were confounded by the level of performance the monocasco was getting, and in 1969 Santiago rode it to three Grand Prix wins. However after his fatal crash in 1970, the OSSA team was so devastated that they withdrew from motorcycle racing all together.

The new all-electric monocasco pays tribute to the innovative design of the original and is intended to be a stylish around-town cafe-racer.  It’s still just a concept, and like most concepts, it stands a good chance of vanishing without a trace.  However, if something as brazenly homely as the Boxx scooter is getting produced, then this gorgeous monocasco should get the green light for sure.



Another set up thats going good over sea’s.

Voltra: An electric café racer concept from Australia Based in Sydney, Australia, Dan Anderson is studying industrial design and as his final year thesis project, he’s designed the electric bike – Voltra – that you see here. ‘The Voltra is an electric which conveys the visual sense of excitement and exhilaration not currently addressed in the alternative-fuel motorcycle


This time a Canadian Gas/Electric Cafe Racer.