Shop Shenanigans on SUNDAY

Well, Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and today ( Sunday ) I have more than enough to get completed before I can relax and have some grub, as I have plenty of Customers that need their rides completed and can start their New year off with a fun Ride.

So today I had to fit one of my Brand New Cafe Racer Diamond stitched seat bases to the RC1000 Cafe Racer I am creating and boy does it look the dogs wobblies.

This 1000cc monster chewed up the stock starter motor as it has 14 to 1 compression, so some tungsten gears are being machined for it right now, but this sure will be a head turner of a bike for someone.

First time I have actually worn a Club Coat in the shop, the temp had dropped to 36 degree’s which is 17 degree’s lower than usual, felt like being back home in the UK.

I have 2 Super Sports to build and am sure there will be many issues to try and smooth out before these are completed.

Wiring today, three bikes all need complete wiring, jeez, gonna be a long day I am sure?

I always wire the bikes and now I have young Dakota to help at the shop, he is going to make my job a little more easier so I can concentrate on New parts and get shows organized etc.


So, I am looking forward to get many things completed in the New year and hopefully will see some of you in the shop or at some of the sows that we shall be attending over the States in 2013.

It actually rained today- that gave me more time in the shop and concentrate on all the wiring I have to get out of the way.