GS1000 Exhausts finished on the weekend.




Well, I had a couple of Gs1000 bikes in a few weeks ago, wanting some stainless steel 4 into1 Yoshimura style systems.  The Owner has aftermarket ones on, one was a Kerker and the other a hybrid with an old Super trap.

As  you can see, this has an old Kerker on which was fine but this bike is a tuned machine and boy does it have power, especially in the bottom end.

So these were OK for the time but now he wanted something special to take to the track.

As you can see above, this has a generic system with a Super-trap muffler and he wanted a big change.


But- these ones were slightly different than the street versions, the customer had original Yoshi photo’s of 2 race bikes and we made these to match the photos as they are just as they were back in the day.


This is exactly how he wanted this for the Track bike, that way he can lean the bike way over and not worry about the exhaust scraping the road in the corner.



The bikes will be raced on a track and they needed to be tight and high for that reason, the Stock style ones we make have a less aggressive upsweep from the rear but the header is the same.



These are in 049 and came out very well indeed.

Tight fit and exactly where the customer wanted us to put the mounting points and bends etc.



These GS1000 e bikes left on Sunday and a great time to see the Customers face light up when he saw them on his machine.

We are now making GS1000 systems and KZ1000 as well.

Hope you like what has been accomplished here and I am looking forward to seeing photos of this when they are on the track.