Hansen Dam run was so much fun!



Well, yesterday soon came along and after getting all my gear on, I kissed my Girl goodbye and pulled my trusty steed from out of its slumber in the warmth and security of the garage, cautiously I fired the girl up a little way down the road, didn’t want to wake every one up in my street.

As the Thruxton coughed into life, the good old morning dew glistened on the grass as if we had a mid state frost, automatically my Yellow lensed Riding goggles, steamed up like an over boiling kettle and the breathe through my Bandana made sure it stayed like that until I clicked the girl into gear and rode off to meet some of my fellow 59 club brothers down the road by the freeway.

The roads were pretty good as we have just started winter here and the tarmac as a patchwork quilt of shades of grey, but as i rode through my La Mirada toen, my goggles cleared and we were off on a great day of riding down at Hansen Dam with many riders, that was from the Brit Iron Rebels, the Norton Motorcycle Owners Club and the VJMC.

First stop was to meet some of my mates outside in and out burger by the freeway.

Me, Tomas, Steve and Lewis all got there on time and we had to jump on the Freeway to LA and the 5 is as bumpy as the crust on an American Apple pie.

Above we also have fellow 59 Club brother, Dietrich who came up in his truck with his lad to take in the ride as he wanted to be there to take it all in and be a support vehicle for us if anything did happen there or back.

We rode down the freeway at a good click and made great time, so much in fact that when we got to Griffith park to meet up for the First run at the British invasion, we were the first to arrive which is great for our 59 club to make a statement that we are pretty organized.

Tomas and I chew the fat about the rest of the days events, although it was a little nippy at 9am it soon warmed up and the park opened at 9am and people turned up fast.

The weather was perfect for us to ride as this was an All day event and more corners than a hexagon. we were at the Griffith park meet up and ready tp blast off to the Hansen Dam ride.

Yes, I had my Jacket and the New 59 Club O.C. section shirt on for all to see, got to show who we are right???

Me and Lewis were all ready to get into the Corners as we got ready to head off again for some fun and maybe a little fear, but thats what the ridefor me is all about, trying different area’s out and heading into the unknown.



I also met up with these other crazy brits and they were great fun, we really did get on like a proverbial house on fire.

Well, This was a great shot that Christopher Medak took of me as we were belting along, brilliant ride for sure and loved every minute of the ride.

Just Chillin after a long ride, the weather could not of been better to be honest and I am sure to ride with everyone next year.





Feeling a little knackered as all in all we rode about 80 miles around and plus the ride to the Griffith park meet up and from all the way up in the O.C. but it was worth it all, a fun time and you should all try and make this event as there were so many cool motorcycles, I didn’t have time to see them all.


Great shot of everyone at the Trails at Griffith park and on our way to Hansen Dam at 9am.


A good day and met many cool people that are like minded in the Motorcycle fraternity.

The Cool Photography was Taken by Fellow Brit, Christopher Medak and I am so glad he was along for the ride and such a brilliant day.


I shall try and post some other people photos of the ride for you to take all in. Below is an Iconic motorcycle, the Vincent!


Of course there were Girls on bikes too there.


Some great Brit iron to feast your eyes upon.

Reminded me of back home too!

Brady all set and thinking, which way now?



Yep, this was his 2 wheeled ride, the good old Penny Farthing.


Great shot that Christopher took of the Airhead having a good go around the right hander.


There goes Barry Weiss on his tracker trumpy, he is such a fun guy.


Fellow Brit from Canyon slung his leg around too.

Lovely to hear this Norton as is flashed by as we sat on the corner to enjoy some of the rides.


Brady having the time of his life- super guy and entusiast.


Zach giving it some beans as he approaches one of the many corners in this place.


Tomas on his Bonny, look at the scenery, see how cool it is.


This Thruxton had every bell and whistle on it.


Old and new take the corner at the half way point on this 80 mile loop.


Yes, a few sohc cb750′s blapped around too.


Coming up to another unknown bend but boy we all had such a blast.


All the lads from Different 59 Clubs gather!

Cant wait for next year! Thanks to The Brit iron rebels and the Norton owners club, had a blast!