HONDA 1978 BRAT bike for sale $4875

Well, I started off with a stock as a rock 1978 CB750K model that I Purchased off a local chap and is a one owner, problem is, like so many we all find, the elements had kicked it right in the plums and now we have something that’s pretty cool from 60 feet but close up it was all rusted or oxidized etc.


This was a good Base platform to build a Brat from as I knew I could strip a wee bit of weight off the machine and turn this int something a little more entertaining.

Admittedly, the 77 and 78 K models are not the prettiest SOHC in the bunch of the 9 year span of these inline fours, so I was really doing the bike a favor to be able to resurrect this big Brute of a machine into a fun Bar hopper that I am quite happy with the outcome.

So Below is a Video of how she is right this second and hope you like it?  it is now up for sale.


I took all the parts off that were either too rusty, non functional or just plain ugly and sold them to restorers, as that keeps them happy and makes some space for me and also a couple of quid to make other parts etc.



As you can see, quite the transformation of this bike and a happy one at that, have a good long look, as there are so many things that I have changed on the bike, you may not even notice.




As you can see, I did away with the big Lumpy seat that was just a massive area of the bike that did not do the frame any justice at all.  I then used the stock rear fender and as it was rusty, shortened it by 6 inches and have that cool smooth line going around the edge and I was happy the way that piece turned out.





So above you can see a number of cool things I have changed on the Brat, first off is that you will see that I have 18 inch Rims front and back and to accompany that, stainless spokes with a Big set of Coker tires with Diamond treads for that yesteryear look I like, then you can see that I have polished the hubs and then drilled the rear brake hub and polished to a chrome finished and fitted New hardware and brake shoes from EBC.





A New set of Chrome 14.5 Inch shocks were fitted to the rear and is a nice ride height for sure, I can still put my feet on the ground but I am 5″11.





The Rims are Powder coated Gum Ball red and wit the Stainless Spokes and Solid Black Vintage tires, give a great off set I believe.

Completely rebuilt carbs and also a set of Polished Aluminum Bell mouthed Velocity stacks with Brass Screens, kinda make the bike look more track style.




A fun machine with a lot of character and many cool parts on the bike that may take you some time to find or create.



Yes, check those rear megaphones out, these are a one off from rolled steel and I then had Nickel plated, the look Classic as hell and sound meaner too.




I removed the big stock tank and then hammered and shaped the inside of an earlier 1974 CB750k gas tank and fitted a New Gas Cap and Petcock.





OK,  am now going to put some smaller photos on here so you can see what Else I have done and maybe write a listing so you can see what all is changed.



This bike could be just the ticket for someone out there, it has a Title and License plate, so can be shipped anywhere around the globe.





Look Below and you will see some cool snippets of what i have done to this, you can see that I used a Connecting Rod for the rear License Plate mount, then I Used a new 2.5 inch speedometer and New Master cylinder and Biltwell Grips. then you will notice I even used Connecting rods for the foot pegs with strong Rubber cushioning pads.


 Yes, My usual Signature drilling and polishing, I just cannot leave that stuff alone and you will see that I have polished the gear shift cover, as well as the stator and Clutch cover.


 Rear End shot says it all really and the Coker Diamond tires give it that Vintage look anyway.


 I took the Old tired Gear shifter off the bike, then drilled a bunch of lightning holes, then I chromed the whole thing and it looks way better now.



Hope you like the photos and the video, i shall add a few miles on her and do a few tweaks but all in all its a great machine.

And Yes! Bailey Loves this bike, she Guards it when its outside.

So, here she is in all her Glory, I think I will add an oil pressure Guage this week and tidy a few more bits and bobs up, but this is her and if you like it, easy, buy it.

Thanks for  taking your time to have a look, I may add another Video later as I shall attempt to fit a Go pro to the bke so you can hear her through the gears etc.


here is another Video i tried with my Go Pro, but as it has to sit in a Plastic case, the microphone is muffled, but- at least you can see the bike go all through the gears etc.