How About a Monthly Meet up at IN – N – OUT Burger?

Tonight is the Night, so if you want to sling ya leg over your motorcycle and come on out to IN-N-OUT BURGER in La Mirada and check some other bikes out , as well as meeting like minded people, be great to see you, and you can enjoy the motorcycles and whilst you are there, check out the burgers.





Since 1948 America has met at the best Burger joint in the USA, so why don’t we? Be great to hang out, check each others machines and enjoy a burger and chinwag- that would be a cool monthly meet I think? What ya reckon? Bring your classic ride out or jump on that Ducati and come say hello, it will be great to see you. Right next to the freeway and all major roads, makes this the perfect hang out.

Look forward to seeing some of you there tonight, I will be there about 5:30 on my Thruxton.