Irwindale Drags on Sunday !!!!

Sunday at Irwindale !!!!


Sunday was a good morning for me, the clouds were nice and grey for a while. what we call JUNE gloom was here in Southern California, something I enjoy, as by Mid-day, the Sun burns the clouds away and gets hot.

Kota has a New ZRX Kawasaki and this was his first shake down run to see how the bike handles and he reacts to , as this has a longer wheel base as well as a little bit more power from the New model.

Sunday was overcast to start with but good to see people there, Kota was getting ready for his first run and needed to see how the bike would perform, as this is a Brand new bike with new clutch set up etc,, and after a steady Burn out, he ran hard and fast, the tire hooking and launching him down the 1/8th mile tarmac.


t was determined after another Pass, that the rear tire seemed to be spinning too much, but that can be a multitude of things on a new bike, for one, Kota weighs about 140 and this could be an issue why the rear lights up, he may need to eat more Burrito’s to get some serious weight at the rear.

The clutch needed some fine adjustment and tire pressure etc but thats all part of the day in Drag racing.





Dakota sits in the staging area, his Girlfriend ” Taylor” is there to give him support, and to her right is Kota’s lovely Mum Jennifer as she always makes sure to give him a good luck hug before he gets on the track.

Aaron sits on his ride and gets ready to take the 1/8th mile with anticipation of a good ET.

Dakota above getting a run in, but clutch and tire issues for this new ride is causing a few headaches and frustrations.

Dakota’s dad- Aaron Pine, getting to grips with his ride. As the temperature starts to climb on this muggy morning at Irwindale.

The track was warming up, but unfortunately the track is never cleaned up as much as everyone would like, and that can cause all sorts of issues further on in the day.


There were a few Brands out there, Harley, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda. so someone favorite brand to root for.


Last minute checks before Aaron takes off and hopes to run mid 5 seconds on His Suzuki.


Pop’s giving Dakota some last minute tips before he ventures forward and gets to  his race lane.



Words of advice from the ” Old man “.


Time for Dakota to contemplate what he has to do in the next few minutes, you need to “Focus” when you are running a 6 second or less 2 wheeled drag bike.


Mum’s good luck tap and then its up to her lad to come up with the goods.







Aaron and Bob try and sort out the clutch issue on this run as the tire was lighting up, and with a bag full of MTC parts, this should be back together in no time at all.

MTC design great clutch kits that give you many variables in drag racing and they are sure glad they have them supplying their parts for the bikes.




Kota back out again to see if he can dial his New machine in, the track wasn’t helping either as the Sun was out and the track seemed to deteriorate fast.

There was more rubber laying around than a Trojan manufacturing machine being serviced.


Kota kai up on the left lane and getting ready to launch , whilst his pops is checking the lane out before its his turn. Whilst Grandpa Bob gets ready for both of his lads.


More stuff to try and dial in, some times things like this can be a bit of a headache to get the thing to how you want.


Well, Dakota looking a little bewildered, and not surprising on a Brand New machine, nothing goes right out of the box as we would all be racing.


Kota looking on as he has seen some Vintage tin that his Boss really digs.

Yep! That’s a Genuine 650 Tiger 110 and these are a rare breed in this condition that’s for sure.



OK, here we go again, time to take bike off the stand and head back to the track.




Taylor and Dakota spend a few minutes together.




Taylor, reminding Kota that even though she has Denim shorts on, ” She” wears the trousers.





Yes dear, I understand.




Grandpa and Kota with the fist pump, many drag racers like to stick to their ” Special ” good luck routines before each pass.



Mum gives her boy a pat to let him know she loves him and wishes him luck before he leaves for the lanes.



Kota lights them up, we think he may fare better with a full slick next race.










Back again to see if the clutch is set to how they want it, once this bike is dialed in, you just watch Kota fly.


Yes I know, unlimited texting, nice!

Vintage Iron was there all day banging fenders.





More bikes and I love watching them, I never did this as a youngster, always wished I could but love going to the drags any time.




” Hey whats that?” Looks like NOS to me?




Jeez! I haven’t seen centerlines for years !!!






An array of cars and trucks turn up for Summit and love to see, hear and smell the whole event.



Tri Chevy ran hard all day.




Mid 9′s getting back from a run, and the day was full of tire burning fun for me, the lads didn’t fair well this time but I assure you, when these guys are set and the track is in good condition, they go all the way.



I want to thank Aaron, Bob, and of course Dakota for  a cool Sunday as always and I look forward to July for their next encounter, try and come out and watch too, you will love it.


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