They’re Back! Cross Drilled Boxed Swing Arm

OK guys, take a long hard look at this puppy, this is the dogs wobblies or what?

If you want to increase the stability of your in line four, then simply look no further.


This cross drilled swing arm is identical the old Dresda swing arms of the day, back in the UK when these were all the rage at the Clubman circuits.


Plenty of bracing here, and powder coated too, this is a really good set up for you and I am sure that you will enjoy many miles of smiles when you hit the tarmac.

This is 21 inches long and all ready to simply bolt to your HONDA CB750 K model.


So, if your rear end is all over the road, treat yourself to this great set up, this comes complete with Bronze bushings and chrome rear adjusters, this really is a great set up and I know you will be happy as to how these fit and look.