Disney now has cool Hot Rod area to hang with the kids.

I took a ride out to California Adventure, seeing as it is only 6 miles from here and boy have they changed the area for the better.

If you are a Hot Rod nut, then this is a superb time to hang with ya kids, as the guy who designed this was really into the scene.


I spent many hours checking all the cool stuff out and it really is a head turner, the amount of attention to detail will blow you away.

Even the firing order is correct on the spark plugs above the pistons.

Disney must of spent a fortune to transform the old park but- it is great to check out as the detail really is unreal.


Really great signs and buildings.

Set design is so cool and I just kept staring at the great work they managed to pull off.

It is well worth a visit if you are a car nut. Even the Gas pumps were all hand made, but sure looked real.


So many cool places to look at the the Cafe  is pretty cool inside too, I have been 3 times now, as I live so close to the place.

Yes, they even have a Belly Tank there and Yes, its a real one.


Plenty for everyone to have a look at and I am sure you will not be dissapointed.


Plenty of cool Neon signs that light the sky up after dark and really does change the look and feel of the park, a MUST to see when you are there.

Kids love the look of the place at night too.

So, if you are in the So-Cal area, this is a MUST to check out.

Hope you enjoyed the pics that I took with my little camera?