Well, Saturday Morning came around all too fast, but we jumped into the mini Cooper and Jennifer drove us to Las Vegas as we were heading to the drag Strip to support Dakota in his challenge to defend his Sportsman title from last year.

Dakota and his dad are both part of the BRONZE STAR RACING GROUP, Dakota is the Defending Champion, and his dad is the 2010 Champion, so a super Racing family and they go at it from the get go.


I want to add their sponsors as without people like this, trying to race would be a uphill struggle, so kudos to these sponsors and their products.

 Lucas Oil, MAVTV , Kawasaki , MTC, Shinko Tires, Muzzy, Catalyst Racing Composites, DME, Penske Racing Shocks, World Wide Bearings, And Dynatek.


Competition is always tough as these are the finals so everyone is pretty much on their number so anything can happen.

The Saturday the weather was awesome and no wind with blue skies to fill the air.

Dakota ran his first on the gambler and won his round of which was no easy task, but the bike ran well and dug in like a tick on a cat.

The bike performed well and Dakota’s reaction time was pretty cool too, so a long and warm weekend ahead and as this was the gambler, some money can be made if you can get t the final, but every class is in this and all hungry for the loot.

Another local guy and a great rider is Brockman Roberts from Rancho Cuccamonga, this guy is keen to get on a new horse as he sold his harley and wanted to try and different machine.
This time he is atop a top gas GSXR and it gets up and boogies, don’t you worry about that.

Plenty to see and watch on the bike side and many models that you want to see but never get to.

Next up is some time machines of my era and 9 and 10 seconds indexing is bloody fast enough for me.
Below, everyone gets a bad start sometimes and it was Kota’s this time, this ZRX has plenty of torque, but she lit that tire up and started to pull the arse to the wall- Kota keeps the power on but, its all over for this round and unfortunately, all part of the drags as they have all gone through this. And am sure will again, this bike has taken a wee bit of time to dial in as its relatively new, but persistents does pay off if you still have the nerve to keep that right wrist fully twisted.

That was a tough deal for Dakota and there is always another day.

Brockman Roberts goes again.
Below, back to my era, 73 Suzuki against a 78 Kawasaki. I love watching this classic tin.

Here is Dakota again Below.

The day got warmer and then some side wind started to show up, but that weather is the same for everyone.

Dakota gets a by and is on his own for this round as he warms up the tire and gets ready to run with the Christmas tree.

Here is Dakota in the second round but today is not to be his, close but no cigar and that’s the frustrating thing when you are a racer, Kota goes around his buddy but doesn’t get the light.
but he tried his best and done well, this kid will be going a long way for sure so keep staying tuned to his name and his sponsors as he was born into the sport of competition.

The weekend was great and even though Dakota lost the round and his title, who better to take the title than his Dad Aaron Pine, so it still kept in the family, Last year Dakota was the champion, the year before his dad Aaron was, and now his dad is champion again, that’s a rare accomplishment in anyone s book.

Here are some shots I took throughout the weekend and thought that you would like them, as also there were muscle car and pro stock rides as well as rails too, I love it all and Las Vegas has a super track and grandstand to offer the spectator.




Dakota’s pop’s Aaron Pine, getting ready to head to the staging lanes with Dakota, Dakota’s grandad is the crew chief on the scooter Bob Pine.



Blue skies was just what the Doctor ordered, but on the Sunday evening there was a single cloud that stayed over the track and caused it to be shut down for a couple of hours, but other than that, it had a small wind that kept popping its ugly head in and then cleared up once more.

Plenty of cool bikes and cars to watch but thought I would add the Motorcycles first for you lot to have a look at.


I hope more of you come out and support this series as the whole event is just a truly fun event, close to all the action and of course the pitt area to

I was up in the nose bleeds with my little camera, but wanted to take a shot of the bikes in the staging lanes to share with you lot.

The whole event area is something else, as its also set up for NASCAR too, you MUST try and get out here to an event as it sure is a fun place.








Brockman Roberts contemplating his next move as he gets ready for his round in the staging lane.

Figuring out a fast way to change gears, as he has his own technique called……………… ” The Grave Yard Shift”!



.A hive of activity in the staging lanes as usual.

Plenty going on in the staging lanes and a quick chance to check out your competitors rides too.



Kota’s mum always gives her son a pat on the back for luck at all the races she gets to.

.Time to focus on the next round at hand, this is a good time to try and relax but block any other distractions out of the way and Get her done!

A great selection of motorcycles line up in the paddock, ready to rip the tarmac.


.A good way of seeing other bikes is in the staging lane and there are more colors than a kaleidoscope that’s for certain.

The good thing about this scene as people are friendly and are one big family-until you get to the Christmas tree that is.






All these people are F A S T, and I really enjoyed everyone racing as this is as good as it  gets and here you can get close up and see all the action.

.Almost time for the bikes to fire up and get ready to be set for their burn out.

.Sitting ready to go with an indexing of 8.70.

.The Crypt kicker on the lone and fired up.    Brockman Roberts has more energy than a Duracell battery pack.

.I love 1970′ drag bikes as that was my era and so cool to see these run, and run hard.

.That’s about as far forward as your wrist will go.

.Launching full bore!


.Dakota’s Dad- Aaron Pine sets up on the line for the next round.

.Dave Miller is all set, this bike may be plain in color but it will rip your arm off and beat you with it.



.A mixture of manufacturers is what makes this event so exciting.


. Sitting on the run off fire lane, swapping times and getting all the info on others ha ha

.BrockmanRoberts-the Forest Lawn farmer chin wags!



.Brockman Roberts – rings the neck out of his machine, ” Grave Digger 2″



 Now, I am also into all drag racing and to watch these great Classic pound down the 1/4 mile is awesome too and I hope you enjoy some of this as well?



More, more I hear you shout!


.I can never get enough of this stuff.


This is a great nostalgic Slingshot!

.Now she lets her fury out on the track


A super Sharp Black bowtie.


Super built 55 Chevy with all original trim was a blast to watch and hear all day.

I could never get enough of this ride as I had a 55 Gasser back in the UK in the 1990′s and love them.

Here are some photo’s that I took with my little Sony Cyber shot and was surprised at how well they came out that weekend.

I am still amazed at nearly 2 ton of steel and stand up in the air and then punch through the ether and down the track in a big vehicle such as these two.

A great weekend of racing in all categories and I am glad I managed to take a few photo’s to share with you all.











.Lastly, I want to congratulate Aaron Pine for winning the Sportsman class and receiving a Wally! Awesome job, Dakota did his best and it seems fitting that his old man gets to be champion once more, seeing as he wont that in 2010 so maybe Kota can get it next season as he sure is fired up.

This event is amazing, it needs to be out there in the media more as it is entertaining from a spectator point of view, the camaraderie is second to none, and I shall be there for the next season you can guarantee that, so come out and support where you can and I know you will enjoy it.

Come by and say hello to the riders and crew, they are all approachable and are pleased to see fans and new comers to this exciting motorcycle drag racing event.

Bronze Star Racing group is a superb team and proof of the pudding is in the eating and they are eating quite well right now.

Peace and Grease






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