Merry Christmas to Everyone !

Here it is, Christmas Day already, So, I am wishing all of you around the globe, seasons Greetings, enjoy this time with family and friends and remember what this season really is all about. Life is so very short, please make the most of everyday that you have been given.


I am going to relax and enjoy the festivities with people I care for very much, I shall face time my Family back home in England and see how their Christmas is going. The wonders of the internet give me the oppertunity to see whats going on at real time and I am so stoked that we have this great thing we call the internet. Until my printer throws a wobbly that is!

Thank you all for supporting me in what I do and I so look forward to hearing from you again in 2015, its going to be a fun and full on calander I believe and I am looking forward to it.


Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ALL!


Peace and Grease.