Here are some shots of the great Mods VS Rockers bash in San Diego this past weekend.

At the Very Bottom are 5 Videos I took with my go pro- they are a little long but I loved them as its me on my machine.


This is what it is all about when we all meet up, great people and no attitudes just a passion for the same thing.



Steve fellon and Blake from the OC section were representing our 59 Club and then we met Bakersfield and Fresno, good times as we met at the Hotel we were staying in.

Andre Pine President of the 59 Club California gets ready to jump on his steed.


Loved this Lotus inspired paint job.

Below, HUBBA HUBBA, loved this and boy did it run well.



At the event, plenty of like minded folk to chin wag with.


Below, nice 850 Commando.

Plenty of Brit Iron to be seen at the event prior to our run in the back area of the hills.

Even Beemer make really cool cafe’s.

Trophy Motorcycles were there with some of their own cool machines, very tasty indeed.

Scotty the Baker came down on his Trumpy and MR. Reid blapped down on his RE.

Love the Norton, a beautiful machine with loads of character.

This is in the morning on Sunday as we all gather for the ride.

Even some cool 2 strokes turned up and from my era, so great to see and hear and of course smell!!

Northern California well represented and fun to ride with too.

This was out in the sticks at one of the stops and boy it was muchly needed.

I sat here for about 45 minutes waiting for other riders to come in and great to see and hear the bikes approach.

Tomas the Handlebar man and his mate rode up and were enjoying kicking back.

This Girl built this 1980 GSXR cafe and it sounded bloody mad!

Built all by herself and not afraid of the loud button, this bike hauled arse!!!

Classic Beemer was a pleasure to look at.

Other riders waiting for their friends at this watering hole in the country.


Nice array of machines and more coming in all the time.

Great to sit back and chill as this last part was full of fun twisties that i really enjoyed.

Another Thruxton approaches as we wait for friends to arrive.

Great CB350 in stock guise loved the little roads and he had fun riding today.

These roads were fun to ride and the weather was simply perfect.


Good to chat to people, make New friends and see what they were riding.

Yep, even Newky Brown was available.

Keep Calm and crush Mods I think that shirt said, he better step back as the Mods were about to arrive in many numbers. LOL!

Chilling as we get ready to take the road once more.


There goes that GSXR again and it was a screamer for sure.

Tomas had a chin wag with a Buddy on this super nice Lambretta and spent a lot of time building this classic machine.

The Mods pulled in for their stop.

A good number of the Scooter club made the trip so a fun filled area for sure.

A good rest stop as the sun was out and nice to just enjoy the bikes and people.

Here was Vespa Corner, Jennifer has a small body Vespa that she hopes to ride here next year.

Secret Society turned up but not Secret any more I guess?

Been a long time since I have chased one of these down the road.

A great array of machines and something for everyone.

Always a great opportunity to take some photos and I did as much as i could, it was a long way to ride here and wanted to capture as much as I could.

The Little fella with the Plaid shirt was from back home and from Birmingham, funny to see him in the country in the middle of nowhere.

I loved that Lotus color Trumpy and it rode really well too.

Punk decals adorn this Vespa.

Getting ready to leave as Tomas messages his buddies to let them know they are leaving.

Clever wheel cover looks like center of old 45 rpm.


Nice Thruxton patiently awaits its rider for its next adventure.

Early single seat Scooter sits and is also ready to get going once more.

MV Augusta below is a rare site these days, I did not see it on the Run but would of loved to have heard it fire up.

I think Sante Nofre Power station powered this up.

These Scooters were right on the Money though, complete with the St Georges cross too.


This was in the parking lot at the event after we had all come back from our rides.

Plenty to see and a good place to have a meet up and see friends from afar.

Andre Pines Bonnie sits after a run.

Blake rode his machine down from the OC with me and did well, he got hit a few days before and had to repair the bike quickly.


A good bunch of 2 strokes turned up and thats so cool to see as that is my era.

Ring a Ding Dind Ding!

Lovely early Trumpys.

I would of loved to take many of these classic Brit iron machines for a spin.

The good old RD400, this was a Crotch Rocket with that Rip Speed style fairing and expansion chamber, a fast machine for its era. Circa 77-78

Loved this BEEZA and the lightning was turned into many cafe bikes in the day.

A Classic Suzuki GT750 the Water Buffalo is a rare machine these days and nice to see one on the road.

So many cool things to look at, this show was really cool to be a part of.

Good old 1977-78 CB750 with a set of Lester rims on a Glass tank and seat with a set of fat Firestone’s.


My Girl did well and had some real fun on those back roads.





Heading out but great to see so many girls riding.


Look at those lovely 6 exhausts on this CBX Cafe.

Awesome built machine, it didn’t come on the ride as far as I know but sure did sound nice when he kicked it in the guts.


Nice color scheme that works well and the exhausts are just something to look at and admire.


Single swing arm set up too so it will handle very well, and upside down front forks too.


Period Scooter and rider too.


Plenty of scooters turned up for the rallye.

Jennifer’s is like this white one below.

Andre, Steve Fellon and me as we enjoy the day at San Diego.


My dream girl, what a blast, she sure is a breathe of fresh air for me and we had a fun time here.


Having fun and enjoying the day with friends and being part of the Mods VS Rocker 14 event was a real pleasure.


Looking on as I admire all the machines that turned up.



Here is me and Andre hanging out, thought it was a cool pic.


A great surprise for me from Andre was this coo poster of the man himself from 1962 the year I was born, that’s going in the Club house! Thanks so much.

Always great to see friends and of course meet new ones and this was a good event for such a thing.


Just leaving the event for our trip home from San Diego.



Below, Steve and Blake from the OC section follow as we head home after a blast on the great roads here.

So its off we go for the 104 mile trip home , tired but had such a blast!


here we go with a series of short Video’s that I took with my Go pro mounted to the top of my Thruxton, hope you like them?

Here is part two as we go along the back country roads as you see I over take a few more bikes, I have no idea on the area or what awaits but still fun to ride. But get to 1:20 and watch me shoot past a buddy Dave Reid on His Royal Enfield, he was going 75-80 and i woke him right up !!!!

Part three is on the back roads, first with my mate Andre of the 59 club then I continue on my journey in the countryside.

Next up is Part four of these videos, and at 3:32 I then get to some cool twisties, the fella on the Norton loves this road and shoots off at a fair pace, I have no clue on this road and you have to watch for push bikers as I nearly ended up with a pair of dingleberries in my skid lid as they always seem to be on the corners. but these were sweeping bends but middle of road was wore the hell out, good fun though.

Part 5 next:
At about 03:20 this women pulls across the road in a mini van, I just manage to pull to the hard shoulder in time.

Next up is the last little jaunt until we get back to the event, I had real fun and hope this was not too boring for you?
until next time
Peace and grease everyone.

Just want to shout out to the event organizers and Trophy Motorcycles, TON UP CLUB SD for hosting such a cool event and of course BRIT IRON REBELS as you lot all have as much passion as we do about the two wheeled fraternity.
So cool to meet you all and look forward to next year.

So get building people and let us see a huge turn out for 2015.