Well, was it that time of year already?

I looked at the calendar and there was the date em-blazed, today is Moons show !!!!


So, after catching up on a few orders at the shop, we closed the doors and jumped into the Scooby Do wagon and headed up the 5 freeway.

Soon as we parked, you could see that there was plenty of eye candy at this great Iconic building.

Then, the first person I saw was Dean Moon Junior, and wanted to chew the fat a little bit as I hadn’t seen him in a few years.


So then, as we walked around in the belting hot Sun, we saw all sorts of cool rides that were just chill-in for the great event that’s an annual gathering for die hard Hot Rodders and sickle nutters.

Today is a great day to wander around and look at everything, there was more than you could hope for.


I love all rides but as I have owned a number of Hot rods over the years, my passion always draws to this style of yesteryear and good memories come flooding back to my worn out noggin. I love this style and always will I think.


But too many to write about, so I took some snaps as we walked around with Dakota, digging the rides, the sights and sounds of the Flatheads and the Hemi’s whilst you can hear music playing and burgers fryin.

Some neat rides that came in and drove out, sharing some of the days hot weather on camera for some of you to look at and see what you think.

People seemed to all be having a good time and I was meeting some friends I have not seen for ions.

For instance, Me and Skratch pretty much started the same time doing our Own thing and glad to see he is doing so well these days , it was nice to chill and chew the fat for a while , as it has been about 13 years when I first met him in the O.C.

We hung out for quite some time, just having a look at other peoples rides etc and boy was there some cool set ups there this year.


I loved this Roadster, it just screamed at me to come and look, this really is a Nostalgic ride and you cannot beat the sound of a tuned Flatty.

If you are into the 1940′s and early 50′s Hot rod scene, well, this is where it all kicked off in 1948 and there were many like this bombing about these very roads, it must of been quite a site that’s for sure.

I am pleased that we took the journey up to see Moon’s as you are bound to always see something new or just pulled out of a garage and today was a good day for that.

This AV-8 something I really do love, I built a 28 Roadster when I first moved here and a similar Ford Blue too  but I didn’t have the cool Quick change rear end this guy has in his 31 A-Bone Roadster.


Plenty of Customs there this year too!!!!! I haven’t seen this coupe for about 7 years, so great to see it still around.


Check out the suede rides and the classic custom paint jobs these rides have had done.

I mean, how much sanding and masking alone is in this roof job?  This must of taken forever to get right and if I had a hat on, I would tip it your way mate.

Plenty of cool rides lines up on the left and right side of the BLVD and everybody seemed to be having a blast.

This is a good and fun annual event that if you get time to attend, you will be glad that you did.

1960′s rides are just the essence of fins and chrome and this was no exception today.

They say Mad dogs and Englishmen come out in the mid-day sun, well today the American guys out did me.

But, I loved the Hot Rods and Customs that were just parked up and down the main drag on Norwalk BLVD.

So am glad that I took a few snaps, as I know you will enjoy some of the snaps of the day?  It must of been close to 90 degrees today.

Hot Rods, Cruizers, Gassers and Motorcycles were all there for this event, so a little for everyone. from Choppers to good old Café Racers.


Just some of the great old time machinery that is still used today at the Moon shop, churning out parts galore for people like us to bolt onto their favorite ride.

I would love to own just one of the mills or lathes from this place, so much great History at this building and am stoked to be part of todays activities.

 I’d take the sling shot frame home and hang it in the shop at anytime.

Then a quick tour around the workshops of moon’s just to have a peek at all the cool machinery they have. And also a few projects that look like they may make an appearance in later months?


Then we had some Japanese sign writer hand painting the moon logo on the fender of this guys GASSER 55 ride. I do lettering but this guy was super fast.

This thunderous Gasser was a total head turner today and when he fired up, you could smell the Av-Gas, it was awesome.


These are just insane for their time and to see these fly down the tarmac is just exciting to watch as they are as aerodynamic as a house brick.  331 cubes of Screaming power !!!!

Just tons of neat stuff to check out, I loved the Gassers that were here this time, just something about these machines that turn my crank.

Some real Nostalgic rides adorned the Moon shop and plenty for everyone to see.



 A little something for everyone, I must of been to this shop 100 times and never tire of it.






Other cool stuff still all about the place were more Hot Rods and motorcycles, something that I will Never tire of.

Got a spare one hundred and twenty five grand kicking about for a popcorn maker?


 A little warm under the bubble top and wonder once inside that your eyes bulge like looking into the back of a spoon?



 Always great to walk around the Moon shop and see many of the cool old parts laying about , just as it was in the early days of Racing in Southern California.


 If you could bottle the atmosphere from this place, Id take a 6 pack right now !!!


Now- there is a nice display case and shelf I would love at my shop.




Try and come down next year as the weather is always great for this show and you will really enjoy yourselves.


We had a superb day today, saw many friends and just generally cruised about taking in everything at a relaxed pace, the day was something I am sure Shige will be happy about.