Morning Cup Of Cafe !



Tuesday already?  Jeez, time blows by fast at the shop and much to do this week, but thought I would try a little blog today as I do get emails from you, saying you enjoy my rantings and postings of things.

Well, as you know, I have finished the Rice boiler Motorcycle and I am stoked to how she came out, this is my own rode of which  I hope to bung a few miles on and have a wee bit of fun with.

Today I have about 6 exhaust systems to send out, some to England and Spain , as well as Denmark and three to the lower 48, so a busy morning packing, but its good to be busy and we try and ship as fast as possible.

We now produce exhausts for cb350-cb400,cb500,cb550,cb750 sohc and cb750 dohc and these are the Yoshimura type 4 into 1 systems. Available in Raw steel, Ceramic Coated Black or Silver and comes with a removable baffle and a nameplate.

We also make the Nickle plated 4 into 2 Dunstall style megaphone system for the 19691978 CB750 S.O.H.C. Model and people really like it, especially over in Europe.


I have been building bikes in the states for 14 years now and never tire of it.

And it is always great to hear from New riders that have just got into the bike scene etc, I will never forget building my Gold bike that put me on the map.

I hope you enjoy what we do here at Carpys cafe Racers?


I am now working on other designs of exhausts for machines and will of course have them up on the website as soon as I am all set to sell them.