Motorcycle side cars

The Side car

I have not really thought about these much over the years, as back home in the UK as a kid, many of my mates mum’s and dad’s actually had side cars and they were lucky enough to be taken to school in them, from a single seated chair on a 650 Black panther, to a cool Double adult enclosed side car that was bolted to my landlords Golden Flash.


This week I have to actually work on a 1978 CB750K model that has a chair on the side of her, this has not run in 20 years but I got her running today and once I get the new master cylinder for the brakes, I shall take this for a spin.

So, just to add some format for today, I just thought I would add some Side car shots from the internet, to make you smile and get the rest of your day out the way.

Enjoy !