Motorcycle-speed-trials- in Bonneville-started Sunday

Well, some of you may know that the Speed Week event in August was cancelled due to bad weather as the lake bed filled with water, first time in 14 years, what a shame, many people from all over the world congregate at this mecca of Speed and this is the first time since the beginning of the Millennium that it had to be cancelled.





Now here we are at the End of August and its the turn of the two wheeled motorcycles that take to the Salt and this began on Sunday, the lake had dried out some what but still have to keep an eye on the barometer and weather reports for any changes in the weather there.



But with the skies Blue and the clouds drifting away, this could turn out to be a fu week and the Motorcycles get their chance to spread their wings and make some great passes.

They arrived from all over the world to find out that 2/3 of the Salts are salt, the other 1/3 being a lake 1/4 mile wide and several miles long. But the dedicated team of volunteers from the 1st Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (that you could also call the 11th BUB Bonneville Speed Trials) had preparred 3 tracks where racing is debuting right now this Sunday morning August 24th. To notice on the Salts, for the 1st time a Harley Street 500 and a Motus MSTR, each trying to get a first land speed record.
The tracks are all rideable and the reports are very favorable from the racers. The weather has been excellent and as the week progresses the track will come to all the riders. As soon as you drive off the pavement, you have to drive thru a little low spot lake of say 8″ deep for a bit, then a lot of watery slush for a few miles. The pit area is on a high spot and very nice.
The track are not in their usual places in order to be on salt that riders could race on so speed week could even happen. There was a huge amount of effort put into rearranging and being creative in its layout just to make it happen. The down side is its not good viewing from a spectators point of view but its a small price to pay for the races to happen. After all it is about the racers. If the weather stays good which it feels like it should, it’ll be a bitchin race week. And if you are into getting a sun tan, this is the best place to get it.



AHRMA Speed Days


We are back on the Salt again this year, but only at the last minute. It looked like this year’s event was to be cancelled, but only because of BUB’s extraordinary last minute accommodation, we are back for another year.

This will be open to all AHRMA racing disciplines: Road Racing, Dirt Track, Motocross (VMX & PV), Crosscountry and even Trials. If there is an AHRMA class, you can hold a Land Speed Record. There won’t be any rider ability classes because we should all be able to go in a straight line. This doesn’t stop an AHRMA member from bringing a non-AHRMA class bike to the salt, just to run for fun. That new ‘Busa might not fit into an AHRMA class, but bring it and run it.

All records will be set using a single pass speed instead of a two way average.

We are running this year as a non-AMA club and BUB guest. After making your “Run-whatcha-Brung” passes on the Salt, bring you timing slip to the Miller Motorsport Park, proceed to the AHRMA Race Registration and fill out an AHRMA race form. An AHRMA official will certify your timing slips. If you are not going to attend the Miller races, you can mail copies of your timing slips.

Pre Entry

The entry fee will be $150, which is the same as the BUB “Run-whatcha-Brung” class. This is available for AHRMA members until JULY 20, 2010. You must go to the BUB web site, print out the entry forms and have it postmarked NO LATER THAN JULY 20, 2010.

Post Entry

The entry fee will $250, and will be available on the Salt at sign up.

Entry Paperwork

Go to the BUB web site at: and complete online or print out the form and mail it to BUB. Remember, there is a deadline. If you have any questions, please call BUB Racing.

Although AHRMA is no longer associated with the AMA this event is AMA sponsored, so your AMA memberships must be current. If you AMA membership has lapsed, BUB will be able to renew your AMA membership on the Salt.

Bike Plate Numbers must be digits only and not higher than 999. Please include additional choices you would like. These can be changed using tape in front of, or behind, you regular plate number. Coordinate with BUB to resolve any conflicts. Your number can be made with magic marker on a piece of white paper covering your regular number plates as it only has to stay together for two passes on the track.

BUB will handle the registration and tech inspection on the Salt. These bikes will be inspected to the BUB “Run WachaBrung” rules, which are available on their web site.

MX/trials tires are not allowed this year. Either DOT or race tires are required. If you are planning on running an off road bike, this might be a good time to invest in a set of dirt track tires and start a new racing endeavor after this event

Bits and bites

If you didn’t attend last year please review all of the information on both this site and the BUB Racing site. Please be tidy, i.e. no dripping on the salt.

This is a very laid back event for us. Running on the salt is a real kick, but walking the pits can be just as much fun. There will be bikes from 50cc streamliners to 350+mph screamers. Last year we had an AHRMA rider that only made one pass on the track. He spent the rest of his time walking the pits and shaking his head and was heard muttering to himself, “These guys are really crazy…”

Describing the salt as “hot, dry, arid, flat, or wow” is truly an understatement. Remember: shade and liquids are a must…

Please, please be tolerant of all workers as everyone is a volunteer. No one is sure what is really happening or who is in charge. We have always been able to resolve problems as they arise, although it takes a little time.

So relax, enjoy and have fun.

Where to stay:

The best place will be Wendover, an interesting little town which is half in Utah and half in Nevada. The town played an interesting part in helping end WWII for history buffs. The casinos have good weekday rates and is about 5 miles from the track.

There is primitive camping at an area known as “bend in the road” near the entrance to the Bonneville Salt Flats. It has no support, but Wendover does have a KOA.

Bikes and trailers can be left in the pits and there is security all night. There is no overnight tent or RV camping in the pits. This is a BLM regulation and it is enforced.

The Track:

The track opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. We will be running on the “Run-Whacha-Brung” track, which is a one mile acceleration, one kilometer trap and three mile deceleration.

The pits are quite full and can be a mile long. Bring some form of pit transportation if you want to get around and see everything.

The most important pit rule: Nothing can drip on the salt! Bring a blue tarp (about $10 for a 10×20) for the bike and pit maintenance. After speed week is over, the BLM inspects the pit area. If we want to be invited back, we have to be clean racers.

The Sun:

Weather should be 85 to 95 and clear. The white salt reflects most of the sun’s damaging rays, so you will get a double dose. Wear light colored long everything, big hats with neck protection, lots of sunblock (fair skin folks should consider zinc-oxide cream) and a minimum of a gallon of water per person per day. Heat stroke is very real on the salt. This is the most dangerous part of the event.


Pop-up tents are a must. The stakes that come with the tent will not work on the salt. Bring long decking spikes or re-bar spikes. If the wind gets your tent, it won’t stop until it crosses the state line!

The Salt:

MX tires are not allowed. Either DOT or race tires are required. If you are planning on running a MX bike, this might be a good time to invest in a set of dirt track tires and start a new racing endeavor after this event. Please review the BUB tech regs.

The main attack by the salt is on the bike’s electrical system. All connections need a liberal dose of RTV or dielectric grease. The bikes will pick up some salt while running on the track. Last year there was very little salt accumulation. A small cheap garden liquid sprayer can be used to keep the salt off during the day.

At day’s end, use the two coin car washes in Wendover. Use only cool, clean rinse water to clean the bikes. Hot water and soap when mixed with salt will make a potent caustic solution guaranteed to eat up bike parts. There is also a hose off area near the kart track at Miller Motorsports Park if you pack up quickly. Using a precoating can make getting the salt off much easier. One of these products has been developed for the aircraft industry called Boeshield T-9 and is sold at Sears and Yamaha dealers. Last year all entries were given a can and everyone had good things to say about the product.

Whether your bike is tuned with or without air filters, plan on running it just that way. The air is not dusty like a MX track. Inlet protection covers are still a must in the pits, as a large number of folks will be passing by.


All AHRMA racing classes are eligible for trophies. All others are welcome to run. If you can get five bikes of the same “class” together, we will add your group as a class. Do you know four other riders that still have CL90′s? Anything goes…

Everyone gets an “official timing slip” and “Participant” certificate with a space for your timing slip suitable for garage framing and bragging rights. Trophies will be awarded for the fastest time recorded for each AHRMA class.

All bikes (especially street bikes) can run and will not be inspected to AHRMA road racing specs. They will be inspected by the BUB “Run Whacha Brung” inspectors.

Links for Additional Information:
• Contact Jim Lipscomb for More Information.
• BUB Schedule Of Events (Coming Soon)
• BUB Entry Forms
• Wendover Information.
• West Wendover Information.
• Wendover Airbase Information.

Event Photos taken last year by UBBC President Gordon Lyman