Huge Batch of 750 and 550 Exhaust systems. NOW DOHC TOO- $260!!!!!!

I now have a big line of Exhaust systems for the good old Honda’s and boy do they sound great, and these are selling like hot cakes.

These systems now fit, the CB500, the CB550, The CB750 SOHC and Now, available for the first time, the CB750 DOHC.

I have 50 sets of each right now and they are selling like proverbial hot cakes, these systems are affordable and ready to rock.

And at the New special price of $260 a set, how the FUDGE can you go wrong with that Price????

Have a look at just a few of the bikes I have had these systems on and the sound really is something else, if you go to my parts page, there is a video or two of me screaming down the tarmac with the 4 into 1 system blasting its deep dolcit tone.




These are all HAND MADE and they come in RAW STEEL, that way it keeps the cost down and you can decide if you want to powder coat, chrome or wrap them to your desire.

These are a Floating Flange set up, so if you have a 1969-1976 CB750 Model, A CB500, A CB550 or even now a 1979-1983 DOHC 750 you simply remove your old spigots that has the 2 Phillips screw heads and then take out the old crush gasket and fit new ones. they are available still at any motorcycle dealer, as CBR crush gaskets are the same.


Simply fit the crush gasket, then my exhaust system and use MX35mm bolts and there you go.

This does not have a bracket as it does sit tight into the head, but- you can weld a tab at the rear if you so desire, I do not  put the brackets on, as Then you are stuck with that fixing position.


Yes, the exhaust does get in the way of the center stand, and on the 500 and 550 model, the header is in the way of the oil filter.

But this is a true step into yesteryear and it sounds awesome, check the website for the video of me on the bike with that system.

Also, this come with an 8″ removable baffle too, so- you are all set to go.

I ship these all over the world, I have customers from Africa to Iceland and all seem to love the crisp bark this exhaust system delivers.