Newcombes Run was a Blast!

Sunday we all met up for the 59 Club ride to Newcombes Ranch up on Angelas Crest Highway, and I have not ventured to this place and thought it would be fun to ride up there, so 16 of us did.

Below you will see 3videos that I took with my Go pro, its One video really but it had to be broken up into three parts, if you get bored then just fast forward or go onto the next, just some of us on the run never get to see how you ride and I have never been up there and thought I would give it a go with the camera, noisy on the Go Pro but I liked it.  it did steam up a little but you will get the idea of what we did.




Hope that this Blog just gives a little insight to what we are starting to do here in the O.C. and more to come, so stay tuned for more blogs and of course cool events that we shall be holding down here in Anaheim, you are ALL most welcome to join us.





SO – Below is Part 1 and is about 17 Minutes long.

Below is part 2 and just more of the same but at least you get to see a little of what we did.

Below is part three and a fun time for sure and it sure got cold once we were above the clouds.

Our first meet up point was at Alea’s Cafe on the corner of Miller and Miraloma, a local hang out for us as great food and coffee before we sling our legs over our steeds and head off someplace.

A great turn out with some super cool machines and i knew this would be a fun adventure, no pressure and no attitude.


We had a couple of members of the Brit iron rebels come and join us too and it was great to see them turn up.

Dietrick looks at Eric’s New Thruxton, sporting a super color scheme and yes, a set of My megaphones.



James looks down to see if he still has his slippers on, he doesn’t like to get up too early, so we decided 9am would be a cool start.



Zach and Dietrick chin wag about machines, these guys have a combined weight of a VW Bus.


Twila is a friend fro many moons ago and she rides on her BC Customs Triumph Bonneville.

It was a relaxed start and Steve Fellon turned up to take some video footage of us riding off into the new sunrise.






We had 16 bikes in total and that’s a super turn out for short notice, Lewis in the background is all set to ride.


People getting all set making sure they knew where we were going and stopping etc.

An array of Brit iron and of course 3 cool Cb750′s made it out too.



Below, our first stop for a gas top off as we just get to Angeles crest Highway and that’s where the great twisties begin.

First stop for fuel and a bit of a pow wow so we knew what page that we were all on.



Time for one last drink or fill with Petrol and then we can make our start on the Angela’s crest Highway run.

With Gas prices coming down it was a nice surprise to fill her up for a dollar less.

Getting ready to go, My Girlfriend Jennifer and one of the riders Girls Pearla, were riding in Jennifer’s Mini Cooper as support in case we had any issues.


 Gerard’s checkered Black CB750 still gets all over the place and 50, miles already on that bike since I built it for him.

Great to stretch out a little before we head off and the weather could not of been better for us.


James wishing Santa would bring him my Exhausts!!!!!



Here we are at the Ranch and what a cool place this is to stop.

Busy but not too crazy as we parked up next to other Motorcycles and happy faces everywhere.

Great time to check out whats going on, what bikes are here and the odd machine blapping by as they take the big loop in Angelas National Forrest.

Dietrick, Lewis have a chin wag about the ride up the winding road into the 3000+ feet elevation, a lot colder up here.

Brit iron Rebels check out what going on,, Great lads, Scott and Mike.

Poor Gerard rode all the way down to us and froze his arse off and then rides up here and is now cold again but only 30 minutes from home.


A super turn out and people all seemed to be having fun here.

A good time to chill, in fact we went inside and had some food and it was really good grub.

Dietrick’s wrapping on the headers looked pretty darn cool.

James Thruxton with scoop and Zards handles like a Charm.

59 Club having a good Sunday ride and just enjoying the day before we head back off.


We all check each others machines out and really well looked after and maintained motorcycles, we all love what we do.

My Girlfriend Jennifer took these for us, and am so grateful that she took her own time to come up and help out, I would be lost with out her.

A fun photo and hopefully some more regular runs as that’s what it is all about, making new friends and finding older ones.

Try and come out with us next time as you will have fun and share some laughter for certain.

Heading back the other way we encountered major rocks in the road on Blind bends, Lewis found more than one.

It hit hard and actually knocked off his Superbrace but he was aware of it and fitted it once ore as he had his tools with him.


It was pretty cold too and as we were on a corner and downhill, Lewis fixed it in a jiffy.

We pulled up at the top of one of the hills and met the rest if the riders that went the way we did.


Dietrick plays the Harmonica as its so cold up here!

Sun is slowly going so we have to make hast and back on the machines.

We stop just off the old Route 66 where we got to do over the Ton and have a bit of fun in doing so.

Jennifer sits behinds us to make sure all is well before we hit the freeway home.

Some other photos below from friends as these below from Dietrick.


Newcombes Ranch is a Must to stop off at.


Friendly people and what an awesome 0lace to hang out in the mountains.

Gerards GCR I built 4 years ago and has 50,000 miles on it.

My Wing man- Dietrick sits on his steed and enjoyed the ride, but going home we stayed about 85 and boy did the wind tire us out- but all worth it.

Not the best of shots from my Go Pro but the lens had steamed up from the cold.

Lewis, Dietrick and Scott all whiz off down the mountain as I play chase!



A fun ride and glad that a few of us made it but I wont go this way back next time as so many rocks in the road on blind bends.



The Scenery is worth it alone and nice to be out of the crazy traffic and enjoy being at one with your machine.



Hope that you can all make it out to the next one?

I hope that you enjoyed my little Blog today and i want to personally thank EVERYONE that came out and supported the 59 Club O.C. Section, it was a brilliant time and look out for us on the website or go to and then search for carpys caferacer rides and see when the next run is as that’s the best way to stay in touch.

So until next time, have fun with your motorcycle, try and learn all about it and hope to see you on yours soon.




Ride fast- Ride Safe- Ride the Ton!