OGRI is one of my Iconic Heroes HAPPY THANKSGIVING !



Many moons ago when I lived at home with my MUM and DAD, my escapism was through Motor Cycle News and Bike Magazine.


In the back of Bike magazine , which was a monthly Rag, there were always a full page of the escapades of Ogri the Biker, riding his Caff Racer and his partner in crime dog aptly named Kick-start would get into some tight scrapes in normal part of the day experiences.

This was my monthly fix of Ogri and his mates and I sure looked forward to reading the next story, Paul Sample was and still is an unbelievable artist and I hope to commission him to draw something for me, I had a tattoo of Ogri on my arm as it meant so much to me as a teenager and now Ogri is still in magazines, testament to his great following.


Below is a 6 part cartoon that was made from the comic strip of Bike magazine and it reminds me so much of back in the day when i read every article on Ogri and I even got inked up with him on my arm, so great to be able to share this with you.
WARNING! The Videos below have STRONG Language, so just letting you know.


About the Originator of OGRI- PAUL SAMPLE .





Paul Sample has been illustrating for over 30 years having trained at both Bradford College of Art and Central School of Art in London,where he gained an Honours Degree in Graphic Arts.

Born in Yorkshire, he now lives in leafy Shropshire where he continues to write and draw strip cartoons and illustrate various commissions.



This design reminds me of being a Dispatch rider in the City of London and what I liked about Paul’s sketches was the fact that it had so much going on, so at forts glance, you read the story , then go back and look at all the crazy detail he has put in, simply amazing.
















Paul can be found at:





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