Our 59 Club Induction day approaches.

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  59 Club Induction Ceremony & Party

 This is an Invite only event and an RSVP is required to all those invited !!!!!



Well, the clock is ticking and am looking forward to seeing our Ton Up friends at this function and to be a part of this History and culture is just fantastic. its a good time here at Carpy’s Cafe Racers and with this event on the way, we are sure to have fun and enjoy everyones company and take a crack at the infamous TON!


And now, being the President of this renowned club is something I would of never dreamed of and now its reality, I am stoked to be able to be helping in promoting this long time establishment and Promote all aspects of this culture.



Rockers from Filip Milovac on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Please make yourselves available to attend the first round of 59 Club inductees.  Andre Pine from 59 Club San Diego will be coming up and emceeing the ceremony.  

60′s Rockers from HK- Rockers on Vimeo.

Immediately following the ceremony, the group will go on a ride and crack the ton!  

Meet back at Carpy’s Cafe Racers for food, drinks, and party to the tunes of  one of the best wax spinners in the O.C.- DJ Flattop, Tom has been a friend of mine for 15 years and always great to hear his set up and is a really cool guy that digs Motorcycles and Hot Rods.

And, for extra entertainment we have  Buddy Lee & the Dungaree Dogs, who will be performing for us with their assortment of cool tunes and great guitar picking by Buddy Dhugi who also has been a friend of mine for 15 years.  All in all a super time to chill and enjoy Music, food and a live band, I am sure that you will leave with a smile upon your face.


RSVP’s with plus ones are highly encouraged so that we can plan accordingly.

Cafe Racer & Rockers from HK- Rockers on Vimeo.



 Below is just some more cool stuff to watch with some History of the Ton up boys back home.

60s Ton-up boys from HK- Rockers on Vimeo.

Triumph misfire from HK- Rockers on Vimeo.

The Original Ton Up Boys !

60′s Motorbiker from HK- Rockers on Vimeo.


If you have a Classic bike or a Cafe Racer Machine and would like to be a part of our group, we would be more than happy to see you, we have monthly meet ups and go on organized rides which takes us some to some interesting places, from ww2 aircraft museums to great motorcycle collections, we try and get to find all the cool stuff to go and check out.

We are on    http://www.meetup.com/Carpys-Cafe-Racer-Meetups/



So check out the events we have planned and see if this is something you may want to do, we love to see everyone and hope to have more  riders at more runs and we also have seen more Girls getting involved with the Cafe scene and I love to see that. as this is a fun group and enjoy riding to events.  So – if you have a Classic Machine or just love the Cafe Racer- Ton Up lifestyle, then this is for you, fun, and no attitudes, just a great bunch of people enjoying the two wheels that we find to be part of our lives.