Our Shop Grease Monkey takes the win at the Drags at Irwindale Sunday!


What a Great Sunday, the weather was killer and Dakota Kai was all set to run his BRONZE STAR RACING GROUP- Kawasaki ZRX1400 at Irwindale.


Warming that tire up , this is the first race of the season and always a nervous time.


But the bike is performing as it should but now the fun starts and see what he and the bike will do on the 1/8th.

A couple of test passes and see where this machine wants to go, a few Clutch issues but holding right now.

Elbows up and arse down as they stage and you can hear the rev limiter saying, enough-enough!


Kota is at irwindale and running tight at 5;42 @ 127 mph on the 1/8th



Kota takes the win but needs a wee bit of work to do on the clutch as it slipped like ill fitting flip flops.

Kota gets his hands dirty pulling the clutch, it was as fried as a KFC Bucket of Wings!

Kota is into the next round and in that right lane with the bump halfway, but what ever lane he takes, he is fine with it and takes the win.


Dakota gets through another round on a bye and dials a 5:42 second.
He now runs heads up against his dad- this should be good.

A super shot here of them on the line.

Kota and Aaron are in the Semi’s… Racing each other and they are running heads up with both dialing 5.42. Going to be a really good race.

Great shot by Adam LaVelle

Great to see father and Son race each other as they both get set to light them up, and Dakota takes the win in a close Race.

Now Dakota Kai is in the Finals.


Kota is in the left lane and is against the old twin cam Kwacka that is ridden by a froggy who is happy to make the final on his Team green machine.


What was the result?

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner !




You can see what Dakota and his Dad Aaron pine get up to on the Bronze Star Racing Group as these are their sponsors.


Where does bike racing lead too? Well, you never know, I mean look at Antron Brown, he rode drag bikes  and was dominant and then soon got grabbed up by the Dragsters and then ended up 2012 NHRA Top Fuel Champion.



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