Our Royal Enfield gets another exhaust.

Hey there you lot


Well, if you are looking at this Blog, you are probably interested or even own one of these Red Rockets? below is a Video i took on my little Camera and the sound really is quiet ccompared to real life, but- you will get the idea.


Now, even though I like the bike, the exhaust is something that I am not a fan of, so here at CCR, we have come up with a Cool, classic reverse Cone Megaphone that fits the bill.

This time I fitted the new Megaphone but I found it a little too noisy if you can believe that, but it needed just a slight tweak as I fear the neighbors would not be happy if I blapped home on this every night and needed to find a good Status Quo.

The one in the video you see is just raw seel and, until I am happy with it, this one will stay until we make the Stainless steel versions which will be in Raw Stainless and polished stainless and that choice will be yours.


So, here is the last Video for now and to be honest, I am happy with it, the motor was still cold too and she still ran and didnt have to map it, so am really happy, the video I do next week will be with the completed stainless Steel megaphone and they will be available to purchase next week.

I shall also take a few more videos of the bike going along the road so you can hear the other tones of the Megaphone when i change up and down the gearbox. Can’t be much fairer than that eh?



Let us know your thoughts at [email protected] or you can always drop a wee bit of coin in the slot to us at 714-996-4597.
many thanks for looking as we love to hear your views good or bad, we love what we do and have been over here doing this for 14 years and its great meeting new flk who are as mad about Motorcycles as us.

Remember- the final product will be stainless steel and will look awesome.