Quick clean up for an old 1972 machine that has been sat for decades.


I had a customer pop in last week with a 72-73 CB750, he drug it out from some place and boy was it caked in Dirt etc.

The harness was all buggered up, the switches didn’t work and the bike needed some love to try and maybe get running, many have tried and failed by the look of it so this was My Challenge for the week. Both Handlebar Control Switches were not functioning and in need of replacement as well as throttle cables.

I got it into the shop and then realized I had quite a job on my hands, as this bike has not run since the 1980′s and everything was seized up, broken or just worn out after sitting out in the Sun for a number of years, the weather here in California will slowly eat everything on a motorcycle and Now was the best time to at least fix some of these issues.

The wire harness had more cuts in it than a bad Sewing pattern and that had to be pulled apart and start fresh.





The Oil lines were about to grenade them selves and the exhaust was so rusty, a magnet would not even stick to it, so all this has to be taken off and I shall be fitting one of my 4 into 1 systems and have it Ceramic Coated in Silver.

All the wire harness was chopped about and nothing was working, the Regulator had burnt out and the rest of the battery box was rusted to bad to keep in there so, I shall fit one of my Alloy Cafe racer versions and fit a Solid State regulator/Rectifier to make sure that everything gets correct voltage.


I also removed the old foot pegs, as they were bent in two different directions and fitted brand new ones, the kick starter was seized and took me some time to get that sorted out and free again, also the Clutch was stuck too.

I fitted a New wire harness but he wanted Chrome Clubman bars and that would mean an excess of wires in the headlight, so generally on this set up I always shorten the wires, that way they are not all bunched up inside the headlight bucket.

I also use Brand new male and female connecters, rather than that cheap and nasty snap connector and these are just like the Honda fittings and they actually fit very snug and secure.

I wanted to try a New headlight and this time a Halogen with a LED lower and it came out really well and love the look of it, I also used my Chromed Diamond turn signals and wired that all in with ease.


This headlight had a new trim set up too and i think its a Nice custom touch and I have not seen any of the bikes with this set up yet and it functions so well and am pleased that I went that route.


 The Original rear tail light is too cumbersome and it had a fault inside that could not be fixed, i had no other OEM tail light assemblies but I thought I would fit my Beeza style version and it looks great and happy I went this route.


 I fitted the New ceramic 4 into 1 exhaust system and it looks sharp as a tack, but I also had an old original set of crash bars handy and slung them on to save his cases if he has the unfortunate oops!!



 The stock seat was taken off as the foam inside was toast, so off with the cover and foam and in with new high density Foam and cut thinner for a more sleek look and then Diamond stitching to complete the look.


 Bar end mirrors were added, New handlebar switches as well as New Handle bar mounts, to help the front end at least look a little more pleasing to the eye, the original idiot light assembly was not working anyway and I removed that right away.



 The Coils were toast too so Brand New genuine HONDA ones were ordered and New caps, now she has some guts in her when you hit the starter switch.

 Brand New side covers were added, i also fitted our Alloy battery Box and a new non maintenance battery with New solenoid and ground wire.


 I used my braided hoses for the front brake and bled it and fitted one of my polished master cylinders and also fitted New levers.


 Like I said, this is a quick clean up for the customer, i personally would prefer to strip to the frame but money and time frame was not in the cards but this now runs and it looks way better, the customer is going to paint the side covers to match the tank and then it will look way better.


 I fitted my Obligatory Oil pressure Gauge, that way you can get rid of the idiot light on top of the handle bars and it looks way more racy that way I think.





I changed the rear Shocks as his were seized up but at least i got this together in a timely manner, I pulled the carbs, fitted New intakes and clamps and rebuilt and jetted the carbs and she runs great and that Yoshi style pipe makes you get noticed for sure.

Nothing flash or finished but it sure now has that cafe-brat look and the Customer was stoked and if thats what he wants and he is happy, then so am I.

Thanks for looking.