Whilst running around on a weekend with Jennifer- my Girlfriend, we popped into my favorite book store in Hollywood, and Wacko book store has not just cool reading material, it has a very cool gallery for art and sculptures etc.



These started off as the Rat Fink statues, but artists have painted them to their own liking.

I wanted to share some of these with you as we were so suprised to see the iconic figure pop up in such a quantity.


Rat Fink has been something I have been into for many decades and am very good froends with the Roth family, so everytime I see anything cool like this, I try and Blog about it and share with you lot out there.



Many styles here and we had a great time at Wacko as everytime I shot that store, there is something different to feast your peelers on.

I took photo’s of all the ones on display, that way you can see what we did and be suprised as I was to the different styles people came up with.


This was the last day of the show too, so was lucky to even see it that weekend.






We spent about an hour in this place and it was well worth the visit down from the O.C.

I am not sure where these will end up but I hope you enjoyed having a look at this collection?



So many different variety’s and on a quiet weekend too, so a big surprise to see these for us.



If you are a fan of R.F. like I am, its great to see a collection such as these.



I used to paint these and sell as cool gift idea’s but after about 20 of them, you forget what colors you used, so stopped doing them and, these are getting harder to find these days, as well as the price has gone up too.


.. I dig the veins in the ears and the bones on the feet.


.This was an awesome job and love the style and effect it has.

. This looks like petrified wood.

. The Original classic RF. Before he went green.

.. Nice color concept.



. Pin striping is part of the whole sub culture.



. Now that’s just creepy.



Very cool Japanese style.


So, to the original look, and a fun day at Wako.


. This is some hard pin lines to lay down that’s for certain, great job.



So much work went into this, Pope Fink!


Thanks for looking.

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