Well, I have struggled over the years with the front and rear wheel bearing retainers, as removing them was a royal pain in the dirt box- so after a wee bit of thought and a cup of PG tips- Eureka! I found a good way of helping me get around this issue and we came up with this tool.

 I also have the tool for the front retainer too, so I am now all sorted in any of the bearings that I have to get to and thought I would offer these to you lot as well.

 This is a great little set up and Chrome plated and will fit in your tool box easily until you need to use it.


 You will not understand how cool this is, until you try and get your bearing out and you use a chisel or screw driver to try and tap the retainer out and destroy it.


 So, have a look and see what you think, I have used mine a few times already as we have quite a few long term builds to finish and boy did this save me time.



 Below you will see the steps that I do for the rear, as you see, you can notice that Honda actually peened the retainer in 4 places, now this is just an extra safety precaution that they did, sometimes the tool can simply undo the retainer and not worry about the peened holes, but- if she does not want to budge, this is an easy removal if you have a drill and a small bit.

 Now, just use the smallest drill bit and drill straight down, this will release the pressure on the retainer and believe me, the retainer will undo and go back in, I have done this at least a Hundred times.

 Simply place the tool in place, push down a little and let your ratchet do the work and this will come undone and get that dame thing out.


 We have sold a few of these already and of course make super gifts for the old man for Birthday or chrimbo, a handy tool that takes no more room up in your tool box than another socket.



 Do not worry about the drilling, HONDA used to do it this way too and I was taught at a HONDA shop over 2 decades ago how to do this and have Never had an issue, just vacuum the swarf up and you are fine, either use your old retainer as it will wind back in, or use a New one, as we sell the retainers on the parts pages, so we have you covered for all your parts and tools you need for your inline Four.


 I did it on My last ride with no issues. So have a good long look and if you see this is just what you need, we have a shopping cart and off you go and order it- we ship usually the same day too and are open 6 days a week.