Royal Enfield Polished Stainless steel Exhaust system

Well, by now if you have been on our website- you will notice that I have got into these great little Royal Enfield Continental GT machines, these Red Rockets are a fun package and as they are a bored out Bullet motor and of course now equipped with EFI, these things can easily ( With a wee bit of tuning ), fly past you and surprise the bigger machines that are on the roads these days.
We are not planning on any world records, but we want to do a few things to this machine and so far we have already changed the mirrors, signals, headlight, seat, shortened the fenders and the rear license plate etc.

The stock exhaust was terrible and, about as much use as a Glass Hammer, so with that in mind, we set about to change the whole system and now, we are pleased to be able to offer you this cool Fully Polished stainless steel set up that will certainly get your attention when you fire that puppy up.

We wanted to bring out something cool, classic and café style, not many businesses are into these scene like we are, this is MY life and have been doing it here in the States since 2000, I love the whole vibe right now and its great meeting like minded people, old and New, we share stories and ideas and I believe it will only get stronger and stronger. So, this is another machine to our fleet with more coming, so keep checking back on the website to see more cool stuff.

The fitment on this is great, we spent a long time getting this right, we have already shipped over sea’s and they loved the easiness this was to fit to their GT.

This is not a cheap throw away item, this is a really good polished set up that will fit right and last a long time. The Megaphone is $399 and the header is $230, and it comes with a heat shield and fittings, you can fit this in less than 15 minutes and be on your way.

We enjoy designing many parts and now I am getting into the Brit stuff once more and the Royal Enfield is a fun and affordable bike to have these days.

Here is the bike with the stock exhaust and header on the bike and boy is the bike quiet like a sewing machine, also, the muffler is way to long, looks like an old Cannon, so I had to change the look of that as fast as possible.

And now below is what she looks and sounds like right now!

So much better eh? During the week I shall fit the Go Pro to the Bike and take it for a bit of a blap, that way you can see and hear the thump of this littler machine as it really does sound way better and pulls harder with a bigger header pipe.

The exhaust looks great and as you can see, its fully polished stainless Steel and to help with any heat, we even made a Stainless Steel heat shield down by your foot.

I hope that you like what we are doing with the GT, its turning out to be a fun bike that’s for sure.

Have a look and you decide if this will be right up your alley, I know that I am super happy with not just the look, but the fitment too, this is truly a great set up.

That header is polished Stainless steel and the Original is so restricted as it was double walled and weighed in at a heavy 7.5 pounds, now the New header weighs in at only 2 pounds.

We try hard to please everyone and, if you are a Continental GT owner, you will love the look and sound of this Performance exhaust, it runs fine, but I am going to get rid of the air box and a bunch of other cool stuff and all these parts will be available on our website.

Just have a look at that Dunstall Styled Megaphone, it barks like a Hungry Dog and will make sure people know that you are coming down the road.

Available right now as just the muffler, or just the header, or for the complete system, we have these on the shelves, all polished and packed and ready to ship all over the globe.

CALIFORNIA- This is for TRACK use only, not for use on Public roads!!!!! Call us for more information on that at 714-598-8392 0r 714-996-4597.

Thanks for looking, keep checking back for more goodies for this machine as we plan to make many more products.

We stay busy in the shop and love to work on many classic machines and also now starting to do a few rides to cool places, so keep checking the website for updates on rides etc.