Hey there all

Well Dakota the shop monkey will be racing his Brand New ZRX tomorrow at Irwindale.


This time Mav TV are his sponsors too, Leathers look great.

This is his second season, he did so well last year on his Kawasaki that this year he got another New bike. The Blue bike has now gone to a good home, Dakota’s is the White Model and the red model is his dad’s.

This is now all stripped apart and a full on straight line machine.

Now its starting to transform into a DRAG  bike.

( And, Finish the laundry too whilst ya at it!)


DME Swing arms and lowered forks, this stuff is the shit !!!!

MTC hopped up Clutch- Awesome work.


A lot of work goes into changing the bike, swing arm, ignition, front end, tires etc are just some of the stuff that’s got to happen .


This all takes time, money, sweat and patience.

Body work on and now this really is taking shape.

This is all fitted, Dakota’s pop’s ” Aaron Pine” Did the cool cut-a-way- so allow for easier access if needed.


That swing arm is longer than the line at Pinks Hot Dogs in Hollywood.


Here she is all ready for Kota to ring its frigging neck out !!!!

The Muzzy came out well, the Sidewinder style looks sharp and does the job!

Kota getting ready for his FIRST test run of the bike, sat in the staging lanes, thinking of how cool it will be to see his Boss there on Sunday !


That’s a Fat rear end mate !


That’s the crew chief in the background , Kota’s Grandfather ” BoB”

Into it, launched, tire gripping and getting a good way to a great start, just don’t spin that tire!!!!

So, Tomorrow- Sunday 9th June at Irwindale -  California, come to the drags to cheer Dakota and his old man on, always great to have people come out and support this fast paced action.


Here is where it is at.

Address: 500 Speedway Dr, Irwindale, CA 91706
Phone:(626) 358-7432

Irwindale Event Center Dragstrip will host a 5 Race Series with all races counting toward the Championship; points will be awarded as outlined in the NHRA Rulebook.

Race #1 Sunday March 10 Race #4 Sunday June 9
Race #2 Sunday April 14 Race #5 Sunday July 14
Race #3 Sunday May 5 Race #6 Sunday August 4
Gates will open with Tech and Registration at 8AM and the Driver’s Meeting will begin promptly at 10AM.For further information, please contact Bob Klein at 626 358-1100.
Summit Series Class ET’s
Super Pro 5.50 – 7.49
Pro 5.75 –8.59
Sportsman 7.50 – 12.60
Pro Bike 5.50 – slower


Summit Racing Schedule and prices
$55.00 per entry / per class
Gates Open 7:30 am
Tech Cards/Tech 8:00 am
Drivers Meeting 10:00 am
Time Trials
Run cards will be used
10:15 am
Eliminations for all Summit Series classes begin apx. 1:00 pm
Secure track 1 hour after completion or racing