Some cool video of chain on Drag bike and other cool vidz.

Well today I thought I would show you a cool video I saw on you tube- don’t ya just love that site?

This shows a great low view of the chain and how it moved and reacts on a Drag bike, thought that I would share it with you today.

Also a few of these videos of the drags, of course there is always something cool about a screaming 2 stroke motor.
NHDRO 2: Super Eliminator class 2-stroke motorcycle drag racing Indy

I would love this double engined H2, the guy is hard to hear but I wanted to see and hear that machine, love it!!!

Yes, back home this fella used a bunch of KH250 triples for a 48 cylinder world record, although it weighs a Ton!

Then there are the nutters in Germany that built the Chainsaw bike.

Now here is something you look at and say “WHY?”

Now this is right up my street, a V12 Lincoln Flathead Motor Jammed in this machine.

An old KZ1300 that was brutal in its day now has a Viper V8 wedged in its place.