Some Cool Video’s to watch today!


Well this time I thought that I would add a few old school Videos for you to watch this weekend.
Below is an awesome little video that I like and wanted to share with you.

I have obviously Grown up with Motorcycles and people ask me about stuff from back home in the UK where I was Born, so i thought I would do a blog today for this weekend to give you a little insight to some British History of stuff we or should I say , I was into and still am today.


After you have seen that, here is a great look at Scrambling back in the day, the early motocross and boy, these old twin shockers have come a long way today compared to these bone shakers, I can relate to this video as me and my Brother grew up watching these and even riding some of the models seen.
Also, the cars are so cool, There is MK1 Ford Consul there that is the same color as my old one so great memories for me, plus a great Mini Pick up and a Westminster pick up and the good old Ford Cortina Estate.

I was born in 1962 so this video is significant to me in respect of that era and this video below is about the Scooter, I had to laugh when i saw the lady on the Scooter with double handlebars, as it was a learner bike and the instructor sat behind, both with no Crash helmets, it was so side splitting to see.

Below a few BBC episodes of Motorcycle history.

And lastly, this is the insight into how a cafe Racer feels and what he does back in the day and this one has a sad ending.
A woman puts a coin in a juke box, signalling the start of a motorcycle race. CU shows record spinning. Various shots show motorcycle riders in leather jackets speeding through streets in and around Leicester, England. At an intersection a biker and a truck collide. Footage shows the lifeless body of the biker in the road. CU shows a trickle of blood on his face.

Have a Safe weekend!!!!!