Some sounds that I personally dig

Well I have a busy day today so thought I would put some of my favorite sounds on here.




These are what I dig and some you may like, some you wont but just thought that i would share my taste in music.


Have a Great Tuesday.

Below is ” mean Ole Train” by Papa Lightfoot.

Next up is Doctor Ross with ” Come Back Baby”

Now Champion Jack Dupree from 1958 with ‘ Nasty Boogie” And Betty Page too

Bit of country now with Jack Gutherie and ” Oklahoma Hills”

Now we have Andy Wilson singing ” HillBilly Boogie”.

Last of the Country is the McCormick brothers with “Red Hen Boogie”

Ronnie self and a great Rockin track ” Pretty Bad Blues”

Ronnie Dawson with ” Up Jumped the devil” This guy was alwas amazing live.

And finally , Vince Taylor, The UK’s answer to Elvis and the Beatles mixed with his own ” Brand New Cadillac”

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