Sprocketwerkx double engined Blown CB750

I am amazed at the skills of many people out there- some are on another planet.
Take a look at this Eaton M90 Blower , well its wedged between 2 cb750 S.O.H.C .Engines, which are roughly 1064cc each and probably hooked to a Lenco tranny, this monster will certainly turn heads once fired up, the amount of work by Cliff at SprocketWerkx is immense and something that I hope he gets plenty of attention in all the magazines for talent.
Have a look at the video from you tube below.

So much time and hard work to get this where it is today, looks like a Harley timing chains were used to be able to handle the torque and lash from thee 2 built motors.
Great job my friend, cant wait to see it in real life.

Here are some of his photo’s.