The 1978 Brat Bike I am building.

Well, a little while ago I picked up this old 1978 CB750K from a local chap who purchased the bike brand new.

Over the years it has sat under a tarp to where I came and rescued it and bought it home, from a distance it looked OK, but so many things wrong with it and the weather had tarnished all sorts of parts.


So, I got it back to the shop, the carbs were goosed and, I am not a fan of the later 77 and 78 carbs if they have been gummed up and thought to hell with it once I pulled the bowls off and saw more brown goop than the LA Tar pits. So I fitted some earlier rebuilt carbs and changed to early manifolds and cables and she fired right up.

So, once I was happy the Motor was solid I thought about what I should do with this old specimen of a Classic machine, and then decided to make a Brat style bike out of this model as anything would be better than stock, she is just to big and bulky stock and things needed to change.


At least with 16 thousand miles on the engine, I know that this will be a solid mill and will last for many many more that’s for certain.

Below is how it was when I bought it home in the back of my van, the motor ran good, the cam chain is not noisey and it has the rattley clutch basket at idle and ALL 750′s do that until to increase the revs, but a strong motor for sure and this will a cool Brat Bike for someone.




Here is a Video of her right now and see what you think.





OK, Below here is the 78 and boy does she look better already, I still have to wrap the header pipes and Nickel plate the Megaphones but she runs good and the oil tank is awesome.


The Bike sits nice, steers nice and has a god center of gravity, I wanted to have that Old style look to her and using a set of Matchless Handlebars gave it a nice sweep and riding position.



The Bobbed fender looks great and I used a European L.E.D. tail light and yes the stop and tail light both function and are pretty cool looking at night.



Yes, I used 18 inch rims and I stripped the Chrome off and then powder coated them a great Gumball Red color, once I did that I polished the hubs and fitted New bearings, then used stainless spokes and once completed, brand New Coker Diamond tread Tires were fitted to give it that older appearance.


The frame is hooped, and then the seat was made to fit, Dakota did a great job and Glad I let him at it to be honest as we need young lads to be able to take over and run with the flag at times.


 I removed the original 78 Tank as it was just too big and bulky for my liking, and decided to alter a 1974 CB750K tank under neath and then have a few coats of deep Gloss Black lacquer added to it, New Gas Cap and Lock and I am happy the way it looks now.  I also wanted to run a Brit style light at the front and am more than happy at the outcome of that.

Still a Little ways to go as i need to remove some brackets and Nickel plate them, as well as tidy the foot pegs up as I  want to make a different set. The lights work fine and am happy at the stance of the bike too.


This machine has a great look and one of the first unique Oil tanks that has a Battery tray inside it, I fitted a Lithium Battery and it cranks fine.


The Bike is so much better than it was, the tank looks good and I fitted a New petcock an fuel lines, you may also notice on the photos that the Carbs were stripped, cleaned, painted and rebuilt and they look pretty cool with the New velocity stacks that are fitted.



 The Velocity stacks I sell and I love the look and the quality of these alloy Beauties.



So if you like this Motorcycle, it will be up for grabs soon and a fun bike to use this year ad if you want to strip it later and go to town by powder cotaing the frame and detailing the Motor more etc, that’s a great deal for you.

The Back end looks great and I like the tail light set up I decided to go with, I shall be placing a Side mounted License plate I think, so keep watching the website.


Below is with the rear light on and I dig the way it looks, hope that you do too?

Still More to do but this bike has had quite a bit of work done to it and it will be $for sale very soon, if you want more inf you can email us on [email protected] and I will do the best I can to answer all your questions.


I have still to work on the foot pegs, Finish the megaphones and of course I want to be able to wrap the header pipes for that track style look, so a little bit more to do but the bike is sure looking pretty tough.

I shall Chrome a few more parts and detail the Motor by polishing the gear shift cover, drilling the sprocket cover and maybe Chrome the center stand etc.


This will be a fun and head turning machine for who ever the New owner will be, just keep checking for more details on the bike as I go along and try and complete the bike as I am almost there, just a few more chrome parts and New stainless bolts to tidy the old ones yo and I shall be there.



Rebuilt Hub with New bearings, polished and also the brakes are New and of course I drilled the brake plate and chromed the stabilizer to look cooler.

I love this machines stance and am pleased at the way it is coming out, wish I could keep all the bikes I built but I cannot and I am certain you will like this bike.


People are already asking me about the bike but once its ready I shall let you all know on the website.



Just a few more things to do to this Machine and then I will test ride her.