The good old Cafe Racer of the 250cc Range when I was a youngster.




Ok, growing up in the UK in the 1970′s had many fads, Birmingham bags, Platform shoes, long hair, Football scarfs,snake belts, Raleigh Choppers, Evel Knevel, skateboards, klackers, Subutio, space dust and a heap of other strange yet wonderful things, but the good old Suzuki Motor company astonished many of the road users out there by up dateing their old GT250 by upgrading to the 250 X7 and boy what a machine.





I could not afford one and of course, Yamaha had developed the RD and then the RDLC but this was an awesome sounding and powerful machine and as fast as the killer 250 Triple KH of Kawasaki.




These were fast and yes the gauge below is kilometeres but 160 is the magic ton (100) and it could get there if you were light enough.



We were all Prvisional license riders and you could ride up to a 250cc bike with out a full license and Suzuki and the rest of the motorcycle industry cottoned onto the fact that the 17 year olds were aching for a fast bike but do not have to take a motorcycle test. this was it and many people learned to wheelie this machines on Learner plates and I too did the same thing.

So the Suzuki GT 250 X7 was Born and would love to see one here, so thought I would do a blog about this little fast machine.

Here we have some London lads just going out for a ride and sure is good to see these machines still around and still turning heads.

Just a little photo slide of a fella’s Blue GT250 for you to look at.

I used to love this sound and still do, just do not hear it much over in SoCal these days .

Here is one actually doing the Ton and great to see as it remnds me of the Ton Up days when I was 18 and boy did I do some miles at speed, a little crazy but thats all I had was my bike and my freedom.

A cracking little engine and way more fun than todays plastic bikes thats for sure.

If you could afford Microns, then you were the shit back then.

I wonder how many neighbors we pissed off on a Sunday morning when we started our 2 strokes?

This is up North and look how cold it is, he is making more smoke than the bike, but love the sound.

Yes, back home you still get to see them once in a while and at the Stafford motorcycle show they have an X7 stand and boy do they have some cherry rides.

This would of been great to keep as I havent seen one out here in the states and it would sure turn heads as you blasted by at 100MPH, smoking like a Sunday BBQ!