The Need For Speed

Many of you will be just like me and have that ” Need for Speed” and what better way to experience that, is to take the bike of yours to the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah at Speed Week, so below is a few videos of different people tha are living their dream to ride the sheer eye blinding Salty dry lake bed of Bonneville.

Father and son team, Lee Omer and Jason Omer, exemplify the spirit of BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. They will work on a stranger’s bike to get it salt ready to pass tech before they even prep their own bike for racing.

Their team has grown over the years to include racers from all parts of the country.
It’s a personal commitment to make Bonneville a memorable experience for all.

Team member, Bill Wood, set a land speed record on his home built, lay-down motorcycle but it’s more than a record that keeps him coming back.

A beautiful history of the 5 speed world records with BMW S1000RR of San Diego BMW Motorcycle tuned by Shane Kinderis of Alpine Performance, ride by Andy Sills and Erin Hunter. All bike are Sprint Filter P08 air filter. The best air filter in the world.

Shame they never gave any info about this crazy machine or what speed it did.

When it all goes wrong at 200 MPH!

EL MIRAGE Dry Lake is about 90 Minutes from me and an another cool dry lake for World record speeds.

How about an Electric Power bike, this thing Hauls Arse!

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