The Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club Event on Saturday!



A Hot Morning at Alea’s cafe, as we sat and waited for a couple of other riders to get here.


We had the clock ready by 9am as we were off to the Venice vintage Motorcycle clubs event and a long ride for us is ready.



A Guzzi, a little CB77 and a Bonneville is all set as we wait for some others.

The little Super-hawk decided to get a flat battery as he left his lights on, we left him with a battery charger and he went the highway route and beat us there.

We rode down PCH and boy was it a long ride, my mate ” Twila Ingram” joined us on her Bonny and she loved it.

We pulled in and paid the $5.00 parking but took some time to get a space to plonk our machines, as the place was packed.

A super event, the weather was hot but at least a bit of a breeze.



Thruxton with all the add on’s on the BC stand was cool to see.


Some us took to the shade to take in the show, we had Bailey- our Bulldog with us too as she wanted in on the action.


One of the Royal Enfields that went to Bonneville was there and a very cool ride.

One of Kotts nice machines was there, sporting one of Our exhausts I admit but a tasty machine non the less, good job mate!



Some great Machines here, maybe Next year i shall have a Booth?

Plenty to see on this warm Saturday and a big turn out all around for this show and I was stoked to attend it.


The lads from Progressive Suspension where there with a booth and having fun.


Lossa was there with an old mate of mine Don giving him a hand, us locals need to stick together.

Deuz was there showing some of their cool rides that they create and have a shop just up the street.


Above, a very Rare Rickman and I would of love to have owned this machine.



Little Royal Enfield on Display had a lot of likes from the Girls.

A busy event and bikes coming and going all the time.


Love seeing all the Classic tin on show here and such a good place to have it, although it was bloody hot there.


This old CX had a New frame and was really well built and engineered.

This machine is one of Yoshi’s Garage collection, I had one of these once but someone stole it.

See what I mean? Plenty to look at and well worth our crazy 2 hour ride down PCH to get here.

Yep- Even Snotters were there and i love looking at stuff like this.

All old vintage bikes were there and many of these from my teenage years of growing up, so nice to see again.



Shame they didnt fire these AHRMA machines up to be honest.



A very Clean CB550 Brat style machine, I liked this a lot.


La cafe made the seat and I like seeing project bikes as these people need their rides everyday.



Such a sweet restored Bomber and surely would of loved to have owned it.


Bailey getting a little too hot, decides to take it easy as she finds the shade all the time.


Mad Max Style CB750 had a blast coming down PCH and running Lester mags too.


This guys bike is sweet, he has bought a bunch of parts from us to build his creation, Kudos to you sir!

Yes, even a few two strokes there and I love hearing Expansion Chambers at full tilt.


Plenty of machines to have a look at and also booths with gear for all.


Nice little Brat sits baking in the Sun!

Hard tail anyone, a cool Thumper turned into a Chopper.

This Trumpy had everything Bar the kitchen sink.


A nice variation of work on this Brit tin and it was a head turner for sure.

I fell in love with this Tracker, super machine.

The event was a buzz with the sound of four strokes, food grilling, music playing form the bands etc a good day.


LECHE  Pin-striping was doing his bit to Skid lids!

2 of the  presidents of the 59 Club celebrate with PBR, Nice one Andre- Cheers!

The Raffle bikes was a nice brat that someone is going to take home and have some fun with.

I think the whitewalls actually worked on this ride.

We loved the original Board Tracker push bike.

One of my mates 750 with hi8s Sphere oil Tank!


Photo: A weathered face tonight as triple digits cooked my<br /> boat race ! ( face )

The face of riding back in 100 degree’s with an open face skid lid on tells it all!



You think I am bad, check out my Mate Andre pine, he got as burnt as toast!




A great ride and want to thank everyone that came out to support the 59 Club O.C, Section

We shall be doing more rides, so check the website and Meet up for more cool rides, its all about having fun as far as I am concerned.

I want to thank My Girlfriend Jennifer Sun, Dakota Sun and our mascot Bailey the Bulldog for following down in her mini Cooper to make sure we all got there safe.




Here are some great photos from the VVMC and there is Bailey having a Ball at the event and a great hit with everyone there.



Checking some really cool artwork that this local fella to me from riverside does and boy does he do neat stuff.

Dakota and Steve check out some more scoots as they enjoy the sounds of the band that are playing live.


A Brialliant time we had and maybe next year I shall have a Booth there, showing a bike ot two and some of our wares.

If you want a fun event to go to, this is it, no trouble, no attitude and loved every minute of it.



A few pin ups sprinkled in to the show too.

Chin wagging with freinds and, making new acquaintances on this Hot Saturday.


Bailey taking some shade as we enjoy the vendors at the show.

Some nice machines here, this CB750 has many of our parts and the guy JUST finished this to make the show, right down to the wire.



Would you like a little bit of Pork with that? Awesome food available all the time here.



A happy Bunch as we sit and enjoy some shade whilst the band plays and bailey enjoys the atmosphere .



Thats my Girl, our Mascot ” Bailey ” Enjoys the pampering!

Hope some of you can make it next year as this event gets bigger and bigger.

Smiles all around as we enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, I love to chat and hear what people have been up to in their industry.

Some cool Crash Helmets on Display as well as art work and tee shirts too.


Fun, Fun, Fun!So there you go, keep an eye out on my website, I will also have a New one coming out very soon called as well as look me up on facebok, twitter and of course instagram as 59club.