The Wheelie, what’s it all about?

Here we are with another conundrum, the Wheelie, and everyone that has owned a bicycle to a motorcycle, will all at one point in their life, had a go at pulling up the front end of their ride.

Where does this phenomenon come from?   How did it evolve?

I am guessing as a young kid it just happens.

I am sure that many people as a kid wanted to learn how to do this?

And your friends learn how to do it when you all hang out together.


But some kids, just kick ass right out of the gate.


I could wheelie but some of my mates had the talent and some had the bike too.


But you could buy stuff for your bike to learn, sadly I couldn’t afford such luxuries.

But we all must of tried on push bikes, then progressed to motorcycles and am sure you can all relate to doing this?



Especially this, as I too did this many times but always managed to stay on the damn thing.

So -here are some cool photos that I enjoy looking at, and am certain you will like too.


I think most of us learn t on dirt bikes at one time or another.


Yep, I am sure many of you were doing this up and down the street, pleasing your neighbors.




ha ha, this guy is gonna lose it, no feet on the pegs.







What ever you had, you tried to wheelie it.

As A kid I really liked Dave Taylor, back then the Wheelie king.