I saw this on the net on Bike Glams page and had to share it, as this has to be seen to get the day off to the right start.



The Iconic Cafe Racer has to be the Triton, a working class Racer with all the cool parts to make it go and stop and turn more heads than a naked model on rollerskates.

These has many cool parts and I love those exhausts, just pure sex.
Triton Custom Motorcycle by Made In Metal

Triton is a Classic British cafe racer. Different variations are fairly common, but now propose to evaluate the magnificent Triton, built by British experts workshop “Made in Metal “in Staffordshire, England. They used Triumph T150 engine and frame Norton Wideline Featherbed.

Neil Adams and Paul Stead are the masters of the highest level. Each of the project is worthy of special attention, and this bike is not an exception. Without a doubt, the British succeeded in creating one of the best newts, and in all respects: Layout, design, installation, craft unique items, etc.

Triton Cafe Racer pictures

Triton Features and Pictures:

  • Construction time: months
  • Engine: displacement increased to 850 cm3, the pistons omega, cams megacycle, connecting rods carillo (the use of magnesium reduced the t150 engine weight by about 10 kg)
  • Five-speed transmission (switch on the right side)
  • Tubular frame made of cr-mn steel t45 (aircraft steel)
  • Reflective coating exhaust zircotec (level of technology in formula 1)
  • And many other small things
Triton Cafe Racer back tyre and silencer images

Polished to perfection, this is not just a Cafe Racer of yester year, but a work of bloody art.

Triton Cafe Racer front above veiw

This not only looks the dog’s wobblies, it handles like a race bike and the dampners really stop all that wobble at the front when you are hard into a corner, and what I would give to be able to ring ths gooses neck out and see how she handles.

Triton Cafe Racer Photos

Hand bend exhaust system even make swarbricks look untidy- simply -LUSH !

Triton Cafe Racer seat pics

The more you look at the photo’s, the more detail and refinement you notice.

Triton Cafe Racer silencers

If I had a hat on, well, I would be tipping it your way fella’s, grand job and I cannot stop looking at it.

Triton Custom Motorcycle corborator

Just look at them hungry bell mouths.

Triton Custom Motorcycle engine and head veiw
Triton Custom Motorcycle eninge
Triton Custom Motorcycle Silencer
Triton Custom Motorcycle
Triton Cafe Racer back seat

Now you can go back into your shed and start putting something together, as if this doesnt get the design juices flowing, theres something wrong with you.