What a superb Idea this is and wanted to share with you lot, I can see all sorts of engines being made now as I for one would love to own a versions.

This has just come out and there are a few available but I would a little while as I am sure that they may have a few hiccups along the way but I know this will be quite the craze as we all have to use a USB port and how cool is it to plug your mouse or USB into the T120 motor and hear it start up, Rev, vibrate and change gears.




It makes a great Christmas gift that’s for sure and hope they bring a bunch of cool motors out to chose from.


USB Engine HUB, plug an Engin to your PC by AkihabaraNews


So- keep ya eyes peeled as I am sure that the market will be flooded faster than your carbs with the fuel left on!