Triumph Thruxton Exhausts sound and look cool. The Monarchs

Here at C.C.R. we love what we do and I am now making Reverse Cone megaphones for the good Old Triumph Thruxton and the trusty Bonneville Motorcycle

These exhausts have a very unique tone of their own, unlike any of the other pipes out there, it took us some time to work out what we wanted but I am s happy with these.


Now available in Raw Stainless steel or a super polished Stainless, you will really like the way that these exhausts enhance your machine.

We have Aptly named the the Monarchs, obviously from my background and where Triumph was originally from, thought that they suited the megaphone.




We have just started to ship these around the globe and, as we ship 6 days a week, you will receive these fast.


Oh yes, so easy to fit too as all the bracketry has been done for you, simply unbolt your old exhaust and remove the old clamp etc and simply put the new stainless clamp on and slide the megaphone onto the header, put the factory bolt through the hanger and tighten the clamp and that is it.


If you are wanted a louder, yet crisp tone to your machine, then look no further, as these will fit the bill no problem at all.


I like them in raw stainless as it give it that race track feel and look, but that is up to you and you do get a choice when you order for raw or super polished.


We love these exhausts and will be manufacturing a few different styles, so keep checking back with us as we go along this fun journey.


As you can see, the photo above shows the same Megaphone polished to a high luster an the Noise is the same.


A great dress up kit and the good thing is at $460, these are affordable for the look that most people want.


This is our lifestyle too, we did put a lot of time ad effort into these, designing a few of these and trying them out until we were happy with the end result that you see here.



We had no problem with the mapping either as i fitted and roared up to the Triumph dealer to show them what we had done and they loved it and have 3 orders from the already.

We shall also be making other exhausts systems, as well as different seats, headlights, turn signals and cool pats like bash plates and shocks, so keep checking with us.

I hope that you like the look of what we have done and we are dong more things to My machine all the time, so this bike will see a few guises to help you see what the parts look like.


If you are into the Triumphs, then you will be into our parts, keep a local business going by supporting them, we have been here 14 years and love what we do and enjoy meeting customers too.



If you like these, simply jump on the parts page and click the Triumph section and we shall get the parts off to you, many times the same day.

As you can see we have a Royal Enfield in our stable and soon we shall have a Bonneville and a Scrambler, so we can cater for you all.

Any questions just drop us a line at [email protected] or drop a dime in the slot at 714-996-4597 and we shall help you the best way we can.

We are revamping with more parts for more bikes and this is going to be a fun ride, thanks for stopping by.