A fun time we had, as UGG BOOT Australia asked if i could help with a Photos shoot for some of their new fashion boots. Sure I said and took a couple of bikes down, a bunch of my helmets and jackets and hen went to a cool old spanish villa in Siera madre for this shoot.


A great bunch of lads, the main Model they flew in from italy and the girl Model they flew in from germany, the make up guy was from France, so a whole global community was here and just a mellow cool atmosphere.




We were there maybe 4 hours and just had fun to be honest, plenty of food and plenty of laughs too thats for sure.


This fella was a great laugh and get to chin wag on the good old Facebook with him from time to time.


A really pictursque place to do the shoot and am so glad that I did it.


The cool thing for me was that when me and Jennifer went to london to see my folks, we went in the UGG boot store in pica dilly and there I was on their video, and then I was also on a giant bill board on ceasers Palace wall for all and sundrie to see, just a great time.


They were trying to capture the spirit from an old photos taken in the 60′s and got it pretty close.

I thought that I would post a couple of photos on here for you lot to see and I can share the moment.

I suppled a few bikes and a lot of clothing etc and it really turned out well.



Look forward to another shoot one day as we all seemed to hit it off that day and I will never forget it.


Hope you dig the photos, and it was nice to be in a little bit of that show Biz environment.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.