Warm day at the shop, but plenty to do.

Fridays are always busy for me and none less was today, seeing I didn’t get to bed until 3am and today I have a few orders to pack and ship, as well as fit a few exhausts to customers bikes etc and complete a few projects that I have promised my self to do for a while.


Fitted a couple of my 4 into 1 systems and both are ceramic coated Black, these look awesome as usual and a great sounding set up of which I have sold hundreds to people all over the globe.

I have them in Raw steel as you know and they have really taken off in Europe now for me.


These are my best seller and I hope you get to try them and hear their own screaming tone as you open the loud button on your 750.

With that in mind, my 4 into 2 exhaust system all nearly completed and will soon be available to order, as these will be a really Nostalgic looking system of which I hope that you enjoy?

I am trying to design a few different things so keep your eyes open as I shall be making triple tree’s and oil tanks as well as hoops and brackets for your ride.


We get all sorts of variety at the shop and great to meet people and their machines, needing just some knee inserts, to a full service or just to be shown how to fit something, we are always pleased to see you.

 I was working on a gas tank and people ask me about the knee inserts but i have done it this way for years, I did used to cut the sides and reverse them but eventually they would leak from vibration, so now pound them until they are smooth and they come out pretty cool.


I always like doing this as the transformation is amazing to be quite honest.