What’s going on at the shop this month.



Busy times at C.C.R.


We have a few projects getting finished and also some have just gone out of the door and will show some of these on the site a little later on.



But right now we are in the beginning of the Hot part of the summer and it will only get hotter, so I generally keep the doors closed and the fans on and see what we can achieve in these summer months.



Today had a great guy drive down from Phoenix in Arizona with an old 70′s style Chopper that he wants converted to MY style of Cafe Racer motorcycle, so this is going to be a cool little ride and am sure the bloke will be stoked when it is all transformed.

We also have a NEW website coming out soon with other cool parts as well as a Readers Ride page again as that was popular when I started that 13 years ago.

Also- many other parts and loads of apparel that I am sure you are going to like.

Plus- I am building a bike to Buzz about on and maybe you will dig the style of this bike and catch me at some events that we shall be attending later?