Well, we have all tried it, some good, some bad and some even worse, I for one was pretty good for maybe 60 feet, but today’s bikes and some of the skills of these people show how cool it can look in a safe area usually.

Then there is Clinton Sellers massive ” OFF ” after winning race 1 at Buffalo City Super GP.
it can easily go all wrong.

Now, if you do any of this on a public road, you stand a good chance of a ticket or even jail- just saying.
Now in Australia, this fella had a go pro and recorded his wheelie, but he also videoed the cop that pulled him over. In Victoria it is illegal to video the police so he kept it a bit quiet, but the impound fee was $706 dollars.

The total Fine was a bit over 3k.

And then there is your Crazy uncle and Aunt and you know this wont end well!

Be careful out there.!!!!



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